CES 2020: This Robot Makes Breakfast So You Don’t Have To

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Samsung Bot Chef Food Robot 3

Out of all the exciting and gimmicky tech at CES 2020, Samsung brought something that could satisfy our hunger, literally. The company showed off its robot called Bot Chef that can make some delicious food items.

Bot Chef consists of two mechanical arms hanging from a kitchen cabinet, showcased on Samsung’s show floor at CES. However, it was first unveiled at KBIS 2019.

The company says it is a collaborative robot that can serve as an extra pair of hands for the chef. It can do things like chopping, whisking, pouring, cleaning, etc.

The new skills can be downloaded from the internet and customized as per the user’s needs. For instance, users can download the stirring skill to stir a pot of soup, or if the food robot has to operate a device it has never seen.

However, a vast and robust ecosystem of such downloadable skills should exist in the first place. Not to mention the cooperation that Samsung would require from the kitchen appliance makers.

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Of course, there is AI and machine learning built-in, and Bot Chef is based on Samsung’s multi-purpose programmable platform. With six degrees of freedom, similar diameter, and safety, it’s trying to mimic the workings of a human arm.

The autonomous food robot is smart enough to sense the position of different objects placed on the kitchen platform. It can be controlled via an app and take voice commands to form the user to pick objects and perform desired actions.

Anyway, there seems to be a long road ahead. Samsung hasn’t made any announcements on when it will launch Bot Chef for the commercial market and what will be the price.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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