Here’s the Cell Phone Spy Tool Cops Are Using Without Warrant

Sting-raySo everyone knows that the big federal agencies and organizations like CIA, NSA and FBI are the one indulged in the mass surveillance programmes. Here’s something more that you should add to your knowledge: your local police might be actively involved in spying activities too.

Today, the New Your Liberties Union (NYCLU) released some shocking records that prove the use of “Stingrays”- a cell phone spy tool that can track and record your locations. These public records tell that over the past few years, Sheriff’s Office has used stingrays 40 times and breached people’s privacy. Out of these 40 times, cops obtained a court order just one single time and thereby contradicting the true nature of the use of this tool.

In a blog post published by the NYCLU in a blog post, it was clearly mentioned that sheriff’s office signed some stern terms with the FBI to maintain the secrecy and privacy of records.

“These records confirm some of the very worst fears about local law enforcement’s use of this expensive and intrusive surveillance equipment.”

Stingrays are powerful enough to collect information on all cell phones in a particular area along with the ability to track a particular device and hence locating a person accurately. Thus, cops implemented absolutely no privacy protections with this cell phone spy tool for the people and laws they sworn to protect and serve.

NYCLU Western Region Director John Curr III said, “Stingrays are an advanced surveillance technology that can sweep up very private information, including information on innocent people.”

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How Stingray Works?

How Stingray cell phone spy tool works (Image: WSJ)

The cell phone spy tool simulates a cell phone tower and tricks the phone on the network into connecting to the Stingray and thus revealing their location. This cell phone spy tool emits a stronger signal as compared to the signal of nearby cell phone towers and forces the phones to establish a connection and reveal their identity. Wired writes that the Stingrays can control the direction from which the mobile phone is connected.

With these revelations, it is clear that the police departments and agencies continue to keep the public and court in the dark by intruding in your private world.

Do you find the use of a cell phone spy tool like Stingray outrageous? Tell us in comments!

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

Fossbytes co-founder and an aspiring entrepreneur who keeps a close eye on open source, tech giants, and security. Get in touch with him by sending an email — [email protected]

13 thoughts on “Here’s the Cell Phone Spy Tool Cops Are Using Without Warrant”

  1. Avatar

    We need to build EMP generators and deploy them when they are spotted. After losing a few of these $300k devices they might get the message.

  2. Avatar

    We need to build EMP generators and deploy them when they are spotted. After losing a few of these $300k devices they might get the message.

  3. Avatar

    Start with a Range Networks device called Development Kit (about 5000 USD) or with te cheapest one: USRP from Ettus Research.
    But you need solid knowledge in GSM network architecture, GSM protocols, radiofrequencies, OpenBTS, OpenBSC and so on.

  4. Avatar

    I highly doubt this story is accurate. Even if law enforcement did use technology to track criminals, who cares? Their rights are being violated? By committing crimes the criminals are running the chance to have freedom taken away, and already violated the rights of their victims. Big deal if the cops can bring them to justice, I think that's great.

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