Carl Pei Trolls Lenovo ThinkPlus Earbuds For Nothing-Inspired Designed

Nothing wants to be the sole ruler of the transparent product market

After Motorola, Carl Pei Is Trolling Lenovo On Twitter
Image: Twitter

The CEO of Nothing is back at trolling other brands on Twitter. Today Carl Pei posted a tweet trolling Lenovo for their newly launched ThinkPlus earbuds. Since the ThinkPlus earbuds are transparent and look like the Nothing Ear 1, they became a target.

Carl had previously raked Motorola for their edgy advertisement when the company took shots at the Nothing Phone (1). According to Carl, it was quite honorary for Nothing to be acknowledged by a 93-year-year-old company. However, the scenario is different now as Carl is the one taking shots at Lenovo.

Carl Pei calls out Lenovo.

After Motorola, Carl Pei Is Trolling Lenovo On Twitter
Image: Lenovo

Carl Pei dredged Lenovo for apparently using a similar design to the Nothing Ear (1). However, it might not be wholly justified. Although the Nothing Ear (1) appears to be the first popular transparent earbuds, there have been a few before in the market, making Nothing the brand followers, not Pioneers.

The transparent design is something that’s been around for a while. A few OEMs used a transparent design way back in 2018 when TWS earbuds started gaining popularity. In fact, JBL also gave a shot to clear TWS cases. Considering the fact that Carl made a sarcastic comment on Lenovo’s new ThinkPlus earbuds, it’s clear that Nothing wants to be the sole manufacturer with the transparent aesthetic in the market.

Carl previously made a comment when Motorola was taking shots at the newly launched Nothing Phone (1). However, the company realized its mistake and later deleted the tweet. Calling out for using a similar design choice is a little out of place. If we go by that logic, Apple could have done the same as the Nothing phone (1)‘s design is quite similar to that of the iPhone 12.

What are your thoughts on the Nothing Carl Pei taking shots at Lenovo’s Thinkplus earbuds? Comment down below

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