Why Is Canva ‘Magic Write’ Making Headlines’? How Will It Benefit You?

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ChatGPT is making headlines, and now everyone is coming up with their AI writing tool. Canva has also jumped on the bandwagon and has launched a new collaborative documentation app called Canva Docs. It seems to retain the design features of the Canva app you use today, along with collaborator integration and a new AI writing tool.

Canva calls the AI writing feature magnet write and terms it an easy way to overcome writer’s block and get idea suggestions faster. We tried it out, and it is impressive what the tools can produce, but the plagiarism and accuracy are still questionable.

Canva Magic Write and other cool features of Canva Docs

Canva Docs is more or less like any other document creation tool you use daily. What sets it apart is the design elements you can add to it, thanks to the vast library of elements and templates. Pack all of that together with the ability to collaborate with your peers and become a good competitor or even a better one in some aspects.

You can drag and drop multiple elements or even your own designs into Canva Docs. Moreover, you can add multiple data visualization elements such as graphs and charts and make it easier to consume. Canva Docs can be easily converted into Canva Decks and then presented to your team members.

However, the main highlight seems to be the Canva Magic Write tool. It can spew out a bunch of sentences related to any idea you input into the tool. So, you can brainstorm a few ideas and even come up with a few starting sentences in a few clicks. We suggest you run the same input multiple times and then pick the best output among them. You can use the /magic shortcut to launch the tool while using Canva Docs.

Canva Magic Write
Image: Canva

Apart from the Canva Magic Write, there are a bunch of other tools in development. The official blog post reveals that a paraphrasing tool and a summary generator tool could launch in the coming months. But there’s still big concern about how it will impact content management. Even if the tool does produce a summary, it is best to check it for plagiarism and content accuracy. If you already use Canva, you can try the Canva Magic Write tool now.

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