Canonical Tells How to Choose the Best Laptop to Install Linux


canonical-certified-hardwareShort Bytes: Canonical has released a list of Ubuntu desktop certified hardware to tell you the best laptop to install Linux. Even if you aren’t running Ubuntu, this database tells you the most friendly laptops from OEMs like HP, Dell, Lenovo and more.

The old-school PCs came with flawless Linux support and all you had to do was to download an ISO file, burn it to a disk, and just a few more clicks. Want to know more? If you wanted one, Canonical would send you a disk for free. But, with changing times and OEMs standing in line to make Windows-first hardware, it’s getting difficult to get the best laptop to install Linux. If you’re interested in Linux installation, you can also read our guides to get started with Linux.

Everything depends on the drivers and lack of Linux specific drivers make the Linux support difficult. It’s a known fact that some PCs are easier to run Linux than the others. If your laptop’s hardware like graphics card, WiFi cards etc. are more Linux-friendly, you are in for a treat.

Recently, Canonical has released a list of Ubuntu desktop certified hardware. It should noted that Ubuntu is world’s most popular open-source desktop operating system. Even if you aren’t running Ubuntu, this database tells you the most friendly laptops from OEMs like HP, Dell, Lenovo and more.



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The above-listed computers are guaranteed to work with Ubuntu without any problem. Canonical says, “Customers can choose from hundreds of PC configurations that ship preloaded with Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support), bringing all the major benefits of factory-level quality assurance standards, full support, and tight integration with BIOS, component and board-level certification.”

But, before buying a PC, consider doing some research and googling. Tons of information is available online regarding hardware support- so, do take a look and find the best laptop to install Linux.

Are you running Linux on your laptop? Which PC manufacturer makes the best laptop to install Linux? Tell us in comments.

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