Canonical Shuts Down Support For Ubuntu Phone, Updates Ending In June

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Short Bytes: Another news has surfaced regarding the future of the Ubuntu Phone OS. After June 2017, Canonical will not be pushing any updates for the operating system. The app store won’t be hosting any paid app or allow developers to upload a new one. However, users can download and update the existing apps until the end of 2017.

Canonical’s Ubuntu Phone OS for smartphones and tablets was already living on ventilator support since January when the updates were limited to critical fixes and security patches.

Now, the company has told that the operating system won’t be getting any update following the month of June 2017. This would be accompanied by the termination of the app store in a couple of steps.

Network World received an email from Canonical, stating the latest development, reads that “it’ll be no longer possible to purchase apps from Ubuntu Phone app store from June 2017.” And it won’t be possible to upload to new apps to the store.

The email further says that developers managing paid apps on the store can withdraw the apps or make them free to download. Moreover, users won’t be able to download any apps from the store after the year 2017 ends.

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The news about Canonical terminating support for Ubuntu Phone OS builds upon their previous announcement about pulling funds off development for Unity 8 and Ubuntu Phone OS. The company has now removed another hurdle in their road to make Ubuntu a convergent OS.

Despite all this, there is some sense of relief for the people running devices with Ubuntu Phone OS. Although there won’t be any OTA updates post-June, the devices will still continue to functions normally, till they can.

It’s likely that various developers might figure out ways to put some other operating system, like Android on those smartphones and tablets.

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