Call of Duty Mobile To Release ‘Undead Fog’ With Zombies On October 30


Call of Duty Mobile recently released the Halloween Frights and Delights trailer on its social media handles. The trailer flaunts the existing Pumpkin Confirmed game mode along with the Standoff Halloween map.

However, the trailer’s main highlight is the ‘Undead Fog’ game mode for Season 11, which is scheduled to release on October 30. The game mode will stick with players until November 5. So, players will get to enjoy the zombies battle royale in Call of Duty Mobile for five days.

As promised, the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile ‘Undead Fog’ game mode for Halloween will feature zombies in the battle royale. The trailer shows several zombies roaming in the new battle royale map, ‘Alcatraz.’ So there is a possibility that zombies battle royale will be exclusive to the Alcatraz map.

Also, do not mistake ‘Undead Fog’ with the Zombie mode, which developers removed from the game back in March 2020. The developers made it pretty clear that the Undead Fog mode will reference zombies, but it’s nowhere close to the original Zombie mode.

Moreover, the ‘Undead fog’ trailer says that “The undead emerge with some treat filled mystery boxes.” So, it’s safe to assume that players will get numerous in-game COD Mobile rewards while playing this amazing game mode.

For those who don’t know, Call of Duty Mobile recently launched the much-awaited first-anniversary update. The update also introduced Season 11 of the game with several new multiplayer maps and game modes. Moreover, for the first time in Call of Duty Mobile, there is a second BR map called ‘Alcatraz.’

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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