Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Might Finally Get A Training Mode

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 May Finally Get A Training Mode
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Call of Duty Mobile recently released a massive Season 7 update for its test servers. The beta update teased a lot of new content that could arrive in the Call of Duty Mobile’s global version.

However, the most exciting part about the update is that it finally introduced a dedicated Training mode in Call of Duty Mobile.

It’s the sixth season of Call of Duty Mobile, but there’s still no dedicated training mode for players to improve their skills. However, after the Season 7 beta update, it looks like the global version of Call of Duty Mobile might finally have the much-awaited training map.

Unlike PUBG Mobile, the newly introduced training map in Call of Duty beta is pretty small. Nevertheless, the small map is perfect to practice your aims, and that’s all we need.

The Training mode in Call of Duty Mobile beta has everything players need to improve their aim. Players can enhance their aiming skills by shooting at moving and fixed targets. Moreover, players can even shoot at flying rockets to take their aiming to another level.

Also, there is almost every weapon in the Training mode. So, players could finally test all the weapons in Call of Duty Mobile.

Besides the training mode, the beta update made many other changes in the game as well. For instance, Call of Duty Mobile beta introduced tanks in Battle Royale. Also, after getting multiple new locations, the Battle Royale ‘Isolated’ map is a lot bigger in Call of Duty Mobile. As we are talking about Battle Royale, there’s a new BR class in COD mobile beta, ‘Smoke Bomber.’

So, when you look at all the new content, it’s pretty clear that Season 7 for Call of Duty Mobile will be everyone’s favorite.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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