Call Of Duty Mobile Gold Rush Event: Find Treasure Maps In Battle Royale


Call of Duty Mobile Season 6, Once Upon A Time In Rust, is now live. This week, players get to experience ‘Rust the Dust’ event, which comes with different modes on the new multiplayer map, Rust. However, in a blog post, Activision announced some minor details about its gold-themed event ‘Gold Rush’ that is to go live next week.

The Call of Duty Mobile Gold Rush event will begin on May 7 and introduce the ‘Kill Confirmed’ mode. The event will challenge players to collect gold in Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

In Kill Confirmed mode, players will have to pick up dog tags of the fallen enemies to collect gold bars. However, in Battle Royale, Call of Duty Mobile players will find treasure maps. The treasure maps can be used to go mining for some gold, which means things are going to get more challenging.

Collecting gold in Kill Confirmed Mode and Battle Royale will reward you with crazy in-game items. 

While you wait for the Call of Duty Mobile Gold Rush event, you can enjoy Capture the Gold, which is a revamped version of Capture the Flag mode. You have to grab the pots of gold from the enemy’s crate and deliver it safely to your team’s base. So, you can choose the role of attacker, defender, or carrier and help your team capture the enemy’s gold.

In addition to that, Call of Duty Mobile will also get a Saloon map and a 1v1 Duel Mode in mid-May. However, the 1v1 Duel mode will only be available in Killhouse and Saloon.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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