Call Of Duty Mobile Gets New ‘Cordite Zero G’ Gun That Creates ‘Blackhole’


Iseason 6, Call of Duty Mobile is coming up with a lot of new content. There are two brand new Multiplayer maps along with a couple of new exciting game modes.

Other than that, Call of Duty Mobile has also introduced a bunch of new weapons in the game. And now, it is adding one more weapon to the list, which is the Cordite SMG.

There are two versions of Cordite in Call of Duty Mobile. First, there is the standard Cordite Submachine gun that has a very low recoil. So, Cordite SMG could be the next best gun for Call of Duty Mobile Season 6. 

Cordite SMG in Call of Duty Mobile
Cordite SMG in Call of Duty Mobile

Secondly, there is the Cordite Zero G, which is so much more than just a fancy skinned version of Cordite. What’s interesting about Cordite Zero G is that it unlocks a fascinating kill effect. When you kill someone with Cordite Zero G, they get sucked into a blackhole, which, to be honest, is the best kill animation in Call of Duty Mobile.

Cordite Zero G
Cordite Zero-G

How To Get Cordite In Call Of Duty Mobile?

The void draw in Call of Duty Mobile
Void Draw in COD Mobile

There is one catch though: to get your hands on Cordite Zero-G, you will have to take part in the ‘Void Draw,’ which is worth 10 CP. You can’t be sure that you’ll unlock the Cordite Zero-G in the first draw; you may have to spin it multiple times. 

In the Void Draw, you could also win a new deadly operator skin, which is Nikto.

On the other hand, you can get the standard Cordite SMG by completing seasonal challenges. To unlock the Cordite, you have to win ten matches in the brand new 1v1 Duel Mode on the newly introduced Saloon map.

The addition of Cordite is exciting for most Call of Duty Mobile fans. So, you might see a lot of opponents using this incredible SMG gun in the game.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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