Call Of Duty: Mobile Esports Tournament Comes With $1 Million Prizes


Call of Duty: Mobile announced that it is hosting an Esports tournament with $1 Million worth of prizes. The tournament will start on April 30 and end on May 24. Anyone with a rank of Veteran or above can participate in the event.

There are two stages of the Esports tournament. In the first stage, eligible players will have a chance to win in-game rewards in Call of Duty: Mobile. Whereas, players who perform well in Stage 1 will qualify for the real thing, which is Stage 2, where players can score cash rewards for their wins.

If you’re ranked Veteran or above, then you have to sign up in the game and play the first ten ranked matches. You’ll be rewarded with tournament points based on your wins and current rank. If your rank is higher, then you’ll receive more tournament points for each win. Also, along with tournament points, you’ll be rewarded with several in-game rewards.

Of course, there are specific rules that you have to follow to not get disqualified from this Call of Duty: Mobile tournament. For instance, there’s no way that you can compete using desktop emulators. Also, any external device or attachment like Bluetooth controllers, mouse, and keyboard are out of the equation.

Now, when you cross the threshold of 80 tournament points within the first ten matches, then you get qualified for Stage 2. In Stage 2, you have to form a team with the players who qualified during Stage 1. After that, you’ll have to compete with other qualified players to get your hands on the cash prizes.

We’ll get to know more details like rules, cash prizes, and where/how to watch as the tournament moves forward. To know more of such details, stay connected to Fossbytes!

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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