8 Burning Questions We Have For ‘The Sandman’ Season 2

Detailed Spoilers Ahead!

The Sandman renewed for season 2
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The mythology of The Sandman should be much clearer to the audience after 10 episodes. Fans have now met the Endless, Lucifer Morningstar, and a slew of other pivotal characters in the story. However, the series does not tie everything up with a red bow and hand over all the answers to the audience. It leaves us with a few lingering questions to spark cooler debates and pique our interest in potential future seasons of The Sandman.

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‘The Sandman’ Season 1: 8 unanswered Questions

1. What is Lucifer actually planning with Azazel?

The Sandman: Dressing Lucifer and Other Costume and Prop Secrets from the  Netflix Series | Den of Geek
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This is one of the series’ most straightforward scenes. But it raises the most questions. Canonically, Lucifer grows tired of hell and simply leaves the key with Dream. While that may be what the character is implying when she tells Mazikeen (Cassie Clare) that they intend to do something they’ve never done before, something that would infuriate their father and send Morpheus to his knees following Azazel’s appearance in the season 1 finale. It appears that at least a part of the character intends to play with her proverbial food for a while before following the path originally forged for the purveyor of Hell.

2.Does Desire really hate Dream?

Tom Sturridge as Dream and Mason Alexander Park as Desire in Netflix’s The Sandman
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No, they do not! They do, however, have a tense relationship with their brother. Desire may not dislike their sibling, but they are well-known for being a jerk. Things between the two Endless began to deteriorate ages ago when Desire forced Dream to fall for Killala, a woman who didn’t ultimately return Morpheus’ feelings and abandoned him for the sun of her planet.

All of Dream’s broody tendencies are said to stem from this pivotal point in his history, as the entity who fell in love ages ago was a more chipper, happier member of The Endless, and the one we see now is learning not to be cruel in his own right.

3. Who is “The Prodigal” The Sandman keeps mentioning?

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Throughout the series, a member of The Endless is mentioned as being absent. He is the only member of The Endless to have ignored his responsibilities; although he is now referred to as “The Prodigal,” he was formerly known as “Destruction.” Before Dream was captured by Roderick Burgess, he vanished nearly 200 years ago, and no one has seen him since.

He might appear in the upcoming Season 2, but such details should be saved for later. Also important to note that we didn’t just meet him in Season 1. There are other Endless members as well! In the upcoming chapter, our screens may be graced by the perpetually somber Destiny and the wonderfully kookie Delirium.

4. Will the Rose Walker return?

Fiddler’s Green leaning over Rose and smiling at her
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Rose Walker is likely to return in future seasons if the show is renewed. The former vortex appears in several stories throughout The Sandman‘s run, and given how well Vanesu Samunyai played the role, it seems likely Gaiman and company would be delighted to see the character return.

5. Who is the woman imprisoned in hell?

Who Was Nada In 'The Sandman' Series? Why Did She Call Morpheus As Kai'ckul  During His Visit To Hell? | DMT
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Despite his obligations, Dream of the Endless has had a number of relationships. The woman we see imprisoned in Hell while Morpheus is on his way to meet Lucifer is named Nada. Nada, who was once the queen of an ancient African kingdom, came to know Dream as Kai’ckul.

The two fell in love despite universal laws prohibiting humans and The Endless from being together, and the sun destroyed Nada’s kingdom in response to their love. She then kills herself out of shame and refuses to be Morpheus’ queen in the Dreaming after he seeks her out in the afterlife. Dream, who is cruel at this point in his life, imprisons her in hell.

6. Will Dream bring back Gregory?

The Sandman fans can't get enough of Gregory and Goldie, the adorable  Gargoyles - UAE News - UAE News | Dubai News
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Honestly, we have no idea! Gregory and Goldie are supposed to collaborate, with the two of them frequently caring for Abel (Asim Chaudry) after Cain (Sanjeev Bhaskar) murders him. The death of the gargoyle surprised everyone. But let’s hope this isn’t the last we see of him. Look at how tiny Goldie is! She requires a companion.

7. What will happen to Lyta’s baby?

Everything The Sandman Changes About Lyta & Hector Hall
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Morpheus technically owns Lyta’s (Razane Jammal) son because he was conceived in the Dreaming. Rose did threaten Dream in order to ensure the safety of her friend’s child, but young Daniel will cross paths with the Dream Lord again later on, and Lyta may end up playing a larger role in Morpheus’ story than you might expect.

8. Will The Sandman’s superheroes come into play in season 2?

How Did Lyta Hall Get Pregnant? Who is Lyta and Hector's Child in The  Sandman?
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As Jed Walker’s (Eddie Karanja) dreams of a Sandman-related superhero suggests, superheroes have previously had a sizable part in The Sandman canon. The recent turmoil at Warner Bros. Discovery only serves to muddy the waters, and rights issues make matters more complicated.

But if the show lasts long enough, there’s a good chance we’ll see powered people in the real world. In fact, in Lloyd Everitt’s original canon, Lyta and Hector are both superheroes. If Rose and their lovely brood return, we might see her play a more active role in the series.

So, is The Sandman renewed for Season 2?

The Sandman is yet to be renewed for season 2. Season 1 of The Sandman aired on Netflix on August 5, 2022, and Netflix may be unpredictable when it comes to renewals (or cancelations). However, The Sandman‘s showrunner, Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman), has announced that script writing for season 2 has begun, which is a promising sign.

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