Brother INKvestment Technology Makes Your Printing Cheaper Than Ever


Short Bytes: Brother’s INKvestment cartridges have proved their worth among the users by delivering a sound performance and solving the printing needs in offices and homes. Know more about this revolutionary technology and flagship printers from Brothers International which are a perfect combination of cost-effectiveness and speed.

Founded in 1908, Brother International has grown to become a company that’s known for making remarkable products that deliver reliable performance. Company’s printing and copying solutions have established themselves as the flagship devices in their category.

Catering the printing needs of an office isn’t something that an average printer can deal with. Sometimes, the cartridge and maintenance costs could be maddening. By solving this problem, Brother’s INKvestment Super High Yield ink cartridges have gained popularity since their launch in May 2015.

Brother has expanded its printing lineup and included the INKvestment technology in its the flagship models of Business Smart Plus and Business Smart Pro.

What are the benefits of Brother’s INKvestment technology?

The new INKvestment cartridge compatible printers benefit the user by lowering the printing cost, while delivering an excellent volume paper handling. The cartridges also enable the user to take advantage of fast printing speeds — a very important factor for business users.

The INKvestment cartridges offer a lower total cost of ownership via 2400 page black cartridges for under $25 and 1200 page color cartridges for under $15, according to the company.

If we talk about the new flagship models, business users needing higher volume are able to save money by spending less on higher quality cartridges.

For example, The MFC-J5920DW – Business Smart Plus with INKvestment and MFC-J6925DW – Business Smart Pro with INKvestment, provide less than $0.01 black cost per page and less than $0.05 color cost per page. This performance improvement is recorded without noticing any effect on print speed or print quality.

These quality printers are best-in-class for creating high-impact documents, duplex printing, brochure and envelope printing, and dynamic posters and dealing with large sized materials.

So, what should I expect from INKvestment cartridges?

If you are still skeptical and thinking “how far my ink will go”, here are some fun facts that’ll tell what you should expect to get from a single INKvestment cartridge:

  • Print two copies of Shakespeare’s complete written works (2,655 pages) with a single ink cartridge.
  • Print eight copies of Plato’s Republic (349-pages) with a single ink cartridge.
  • Print 21 copies of Van Gogh’s Starry Night (29″ x 36″) with a single ink cartridge.

This post is brought to you by Brother International

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