Get Paid For Watching Ads: Brave Browser Announces Opt-in Trials


Brave, the web browser which garnered a huge fan following, predominantly for its ad blocking feature, and depriving advertisers of confiscating private data by blocking trackers is in the news again. And this time, users can earn some cash.

In a blog post, Brave announced that it will be conducting voluntary testing of their new ad model in which they will showcase at least 250 pre-packaged ads to users who will sign up for their early access version. Thus, offering a small amount of money in the form of micropayments.

The foundation of this test is based on the much-speculated BAT (Basic Attention Token), a utility token which would be transferred between advertisers, publishers, and users. The token would be used to access paid services within the browser and allegedly some other platforms as well.

Once BAT furnishes into completion in following months, the ads installed by the advertisers will use BAT tokens to pay the publishers, of which 70% will be received by the Brave users.

Launched in 2016 and co-founded by former Firefox CEO Brendan Eich, Brave browser is presently foremost in the browsers providing ad blocking features. Other options include small ad blocking extensions to integrated algorithms, like Apple’s recently revealed Safari protection tracking feature.

Brave browser’s paradigm for targeted advertising is far from what other browsers follow. Its major goal is to provide users with most relevant ads and, simultaneously, fast performing ads that don’t hamper the loading speed of the page. The browser also keeps in mind that the tracked information of the user doesn’t get spilled out of the platform.

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Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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