Brave Browser Goes Beyond Private Browsing With Tor-powered Tabs

Brave browser private tabs with tor
Brave browser private tabs with tor

The ad blocking browser Brave is presently counted as one of the top net surfing browsers of 2018, primarily for its steady privacy and secure browsing experience. It is now advancing towards perfecting private browsing

An update (Brave 0.23) launched on Thursday for its desktop clients has integrated Private tabs with Tor to defend users from leaving digital footprints on the internet.

For those who don’t know, Brave browser, launched in 2016 and co-founded by former Firefox CEO Brendan Eich, is an open source browser based on Chromium project. It is famously known for clashing with the advertising industry since it deprived them of featuring irrelevant ads, by incorporating an integrated ad blocking feature. Recently, the browser also started testing out BAT (Basic Utility Token), a form of micropayment rewarded users upon watching certain ads.

Tor or The Onion Router is a browsing tool used to serve the web anonymously. It’s made up of uncountable relay points that pass your web browsing data, collected by websites using your IP address, shelled with privacy layers (like an onion). You can follow up more information about Tor here.

Brave team elucidates: “The Brave browser already automatically blocks ads, trackers, cryptocurrency mining scripts, and other threats. Private Tabs with Tor, improve user privacy in several ways.”

But Tor happens to have to have some issues of its own. In the past, Tor had shown significantly lowering the performance of internet browsing. As reported by CNET, some network-monitoring software mistakes Tor traffic for an automated attack, periodically requiring Tor users to prove they’re human with a Captcha.

We may also see a little shift in browsing speed with Private tabs with  Tor but the company promises to fix all issues in future. “As Brave’s implementation of Private Tabs with Tor is currently in beta there are still some known issues and leaks which we intend to fix in future versions.”

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