Boston Dynamics Shows Off New Robot ‘Handle’ That Jumps Like A Pro


Short Bytes: The American robotics company Boston Dynamics is testing a new 6.5 feet tall robot known as Handle. The electric-powered robot is capable of moving at 9 mph up to a distance of 15 miles in a single charge. It moves forward using wheels and uses its arms to lift things. Also, Handle can take a vertical jump up to an height of 4 feet.

Handle is the new 6.5 ft tall robot from the house of Boston Dynamics – an Alphabet subsidiary. It certainly looks like a dog standing on its lower limbs, but this robotic dog has wheels in place of the legs. Still, it manages to keep up its balance while traversing, picking up objects, jumping on and off the table, and even while moving down the stairs and slopes.

In the Youtube video description, Boston Dynamics says the Handle robot takes advantage of the same dynamics, balance, and mobile manipulation principles found on their quadruped and biped robots. Handle is capable of covering a distance up to 15 miles on a single charge using electric and hydraulic actuators. It can take a vertical jump of 4 feet.

So, this is another addition to Boston Dynamics’ existing collection of robots including the Atlas, Cheetah, RHex, BigDog, etc.

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Check out this girl slapped by her own robot (you have to check out the robot):

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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