Boris Johnson’s Office Hit By Pegasus Spyware of NSO Group

Pegasus Strikes Again!

Boris Johnson's Office Hit By Pegasus Spyware of NSO Group
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NSO group’s nefarious spyware strikes again! This time it targeted UK Prime Minister Boris Johnsons’s office and members of the Catalan independence movement. Five successful hacking attempts using Pegasus to get into the phone of the British Foreign Office occurred between July 2020 and June 2021.

The Targets Of NSO Group’s Spyware

Citizen Lab, which is a digital research unit with the University of Toronto revealed the hack. It shared its findings with The New York times and made some shocking revelations about Pegasus spyware.

According to Citizen Lab, the phones of British Foreign Office employees were targeted using Pegasus. Many office employees’ phones revealed traces of Pegasus spyware. All these hacks occurred between July 2020 and June 2021.

A phone connected to the office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also a target of Pegasus spyware. This incident happened in July 2020. British government officials addressed the claims and informed the New Yorker that these hacks did happen. But they didn’t point fingers at any spyware agency like the NSO group.

NSO Group
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Citizen Lab found links to U.A.E for the cyber attack on 10 Downing Street. As per recent data, U.A.E is among the top players who use Pegasus to execute global attacks on people associated with the government.

Ties to Catalan Independence Movement

Citizen Labs discovered that 65 people connected with the Catalan independence movement were also targeted using Pegasus. Out of the 65 phones, 63 had traces of Pegasus while others had signs of Candiru spyware.

Big independent movements like the Catalans may appear as a threat to ruling parties. Oftentimes, they resort to tools such as Pegasus to infiltrate the devices and obtain information.

News of Pegasus usage is increasingly common these days. Recently, Pegasus targeted Apple devices even after a lawsuit by the company on NSO Group. Even the U.S once pondered the usage of Pegasus for surveillance projects on suspects. But that thought never materialized. The NSO Group dismissed all allegations against them and said that they were false. You can read the full New Yorker report here.

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