BOE Gets Another Chance To Supply iPhone 14 Display

BOE gets iPhone 14 OLED screen orders.

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Apple and BOE’s relationship is a rocky one. However, things got serious between the two when BOE made changes to the upcoming iPhone 14’s panel without notifying Apple.

But now, it seems like the trillion-dollar company has chosen to forgive the past as BOE has landed an order from the company for the latest iPhone. Although the production order is small, BOE should be more than glad that Apple is starting to trust it again.

BOE receives certification

The panels have received certification by Apple recently, and the bulk production is estimated to begin before the end of this month. If everything goes smoothly, Apple will receive shipments in September 2022 for the panels, the same month the company will launch the highly anticipated iPhone 14.

BOE will produce 5 million units out of the total 90 million Apple has supposedly ordered. Although the company may not have received the mass order it would have liked, BOE is still in the game. If the company manages to win back the trust of Apple, we could see more business between the two in the not-so-distant future.

Aside from BOE, the other companies that will provide Apple with OLED panels are Samsung Display, which will produce 60 million units, and LG Display will deliver 25 million panels for the tech giant.

Bad blood in the past?

Before this, Apple put in an order for 10 million OLED units at the beginning of 2022, but manufacturing difficulties arose. It was revealed later that BOE’s production team had been altering the display specifications without telling anyone in Apple.

The reason for this was that the company reported low yields, meaning that many panels could not pass quality control tests. In order to increase the yield rate, BOE made the width of film transistors thicker, making the panels more convenient to produce. 



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