This 500Hz Monitor Is The World’s Highest Refresh Rate Display

BOE 500hz gaming monitor
Image source: Sina.

Chinese display-maker BOE Technology announced the world’s fastest gaming monitor that hits a 500Hz refresh rate. BOE (Beijing Oriental Electronics) is among the big players in the display manufacturing industry. Likewise, the company engineered a 27-inch monitor with FHD resolution and a 500Hz refresh rate.

The monitor features an 8-lane eDP connection, 1ms response time, and support for an accurate 8-bit color gamut. The 500Hz gaming monitor uses several other technologies to provide a high refresh rate while maintaining high resolution.

According to a Sina news report (via Wccftech), BOE claims to achieve “important breakthroughs in the field of oxide semiconductor technology” and “mass production of copper interconnect stack structures” that makes it possible for this gaming monitor to be a reality. To clarify, the display-maker overcame several problems, such as the ease of diffusion and oxidization of Copper.

The current world’s fastest esports gaming monitor can refresh at a maximum of 360Hz, which is 360 times every second. To put BOE’s new 500Hz gaming monitor at a comparison, it refreshes 500 times every second, and your GPU would need to send a frame to it every two milliseconds.

However, there’s a downside to higher refresh rate monitors as the refresh rate increases. The 27-inch monitor maxes out at 1080p resolution, which is insufficient for a 27-inch display. But even the current best 360Hz monitor also has a lower FHD resolution. Although, companies are keeping up and launching high refresh rate monitors with higher resolutions. For instance, Samsung unveiled a 4K 240Hz monitor last month.

Notably, the 500Hz gaming monitor is only a prototype for now, and it’s not sure if BOE will mass-produce it. While the display-maker didn’t reveal any costing and availability, it announced another 110-inch 8K 120Hz display panel.

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