Some BMW Dealers Are Shipping Without Android Auto & CarPlay

But the company will add them later.

Some BMW Cars Are Shipping Without Android Auto And CarPlay
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Global chip shortages are forcing BMW to ship cars without Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. BMW claims that it is a temporary compromise to ship on time during the chip shortage. The company is using chips from another manufacturer which doesn’t support Android Auto and CarPlay.

However, BMW assures that the affected cars will receive the feature in June. It seems to be a sensible option to deliver the cars on time, and then add these features later than to wait for the chip shortage to sort out.

Why are Android Auto and CarPlay missing from BMW?

BMW began integrating these features back in 2019. Both of these smartphone mirroring features are add-ons that let the driver safely use their phone while driving. But the year 2020 marked the biggest chip shortage in history due to less manufacturing and restrained supply chain systems.

According to 9to5mac, BMW blames the global chip shortage for the unavailability of the features in newer cars. The German automaker switched chip suppliers to ensure that the car manufacturing and delivery pipeline remained functional. Due to this decision, BMW evaded the problem of delayed car deliveries.

The BMW models which lack the Android Auto and CarPlay support have “6P1” in the car’s production code. Car owners can check their production code to verify this problem. Most of the BMW cars shipped in the last four months have this problem. Moreover, the issue is prevalent in cars shipped to the United States, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Image: Pixabay

Will these features ever come to the cars?

BMW assured that Android Auto and CarPlay will make their way to all the cars that don’t have them. The company will push the support via an OTA update, after which the car owner can use the smartphone mirroring features easily.

However, it is a slight inconvenience for users who use Android Auto or CarPlay on a daily basis. Compromises shouldn’t happen when buying a vehicle from a premium brand such as BMW. But it looks like a small problem compared to delayed car deliveries, which could’ve made matters worse.

What do you think of the global chip shortage? Does Android Auto or CarPlay make that big of a difference in the drivers’ lives? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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