The Blue Screen Of Death Is Turning Black In Windows 11

windows 11 bsod
Windows 11 BSOD. Source: Fossbytes

If you are someone who has used Windows for a long time, you might have encountered the Blue Screen of Death. Commonly referred to as BSOD, the error screen usually appears when a critical error occurs in one’s system. And now, it’s changed its color to black.

Microsoft released Windows 11’s first Insider Preview build last week, and it showcased a major design overhaul. As things move forward, we’ll no longer be seeing the Blue Screen of Death in the future versions of Windows.

Windows 11: Black Screen of Death

Black Screen of Death in Windows 11. Source: Fossbytes

As per speculation from The Verge, Microsoft is planning to make the Black Screen of Death permanently replace the old Blue Screen. The Blue Screen has been feared by most users as it only appears when something is wrong with a system. We confirmed that the Black Screen of Death exists in Windows 11’s first Insider Preview build.

This is the first major change to the error screen since Windows 8, when a sad face was added to it in 2012. Microsoft implemented the error screen so that critical errors and system failures can be identified and looked at with ease.

Why The Change From Blue To Black?

Windows 11 featured a lot of design changes. Every aspect of its UI was changed. The Shutdown and Restart screens were given a black background, too, coming from accent-themed backgrounds. Microsoft may have wanted to keep a specific color scheme for the system pages, including the BSOD.

Although the Black Screen had been kept away from insiders, the final release of Windows may come with a Black Screen of Death. The tech giant has not given any updates regarding this change yet, but we might see a hint soon.

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