Blue Screen Of Death In Windows Becomes Less Scary With QR Codes

windows 10 bsod qrcode
windows 10 bsod qrcode

Short Bytes: If you are an avid Windows user, a Blue Screen of Death is one of those things that gives you nightmares. To make this screen less scary, Microsoft is going to show ORCodes that’ll make the troubleshooting job easier. At the moment, this features appears to be in early testing phase.

Whenever a Windows user encounters a Blue Screen of Death error, he/she doesn’t notice anything descriptive on the screen that could be used to solve the error.

However, Microsoft is going to change that with the upcoming versions of Windows 10. A Reddit user spotted an interesting change that showed a new version of the terrifying Blue Screen of Death that tells more information about the problem that caused your PC to crash.

The latest build of Windows 10, i.e. build 14316, includes a QRCode that carries more information about the error.

At the moment, the QRCode is accompanied by a shortcut that directs the user to, a website to help Windows users to fix common BSOD errors.

This feature is right now in early development phase. It seems that Microsoft has become aware of the issue and working to use the QRCodes to make Windows-troubleshooting an easy task in near future.

At the moment, Blue Screen of Death appears for few seconds and user can’t seek any help from it. We are hoping that the future Windows 10 updates make this screen more helpful.

Is this feature going make your Windows 10 experience better? Share your views in the comments below.

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