Blockstack: An Open Source Browser Powered By Blockchain For Creating A New Internet


Short Bytes: Blockstack, a blockchain startup, has released a decentralized browser to make an internet that would be free from dependence on large organizations and key players. The makers of Blockstack browser have called it the Netscape of the decentralized internet for running and making apps. A developer release of Blockstack browser is available, and a user version will arrive in six months.

The decentralized nature of internet has been defeated by the large corporations and threats like net neutrality. This has inspired many organizations and open source movements to work and build the next technology that can power the open internet.

Blockchain, which powers Bitcoin, is one such technology that encourages a decentralized internet. Based on the same, now, a startup named Blockstack has created a browser that runs without existing internet infrastructure.

Called the Blockstack browser, it was released at CoinDesk’s Consensus 2017 blockchain conference in New York. According to CoinDesk (which has ownership stake in Blockstock), it represents a piece of the progress made by the startup which has raised over $5 million to create a full developer stack for building apps.

Blockstack co-founder Ryan Shea called it the beginning of a decentralized internet with the support for bitcoin, ethereum, and zcash.

Blockstack is actually a browser add-on which loads on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. The developers can build app on this new internet by downloading the Blockstack app for Linux and Mac; Windows app is coming soon.

With Blockstack, for the first time, you’ll be able to access apps, people, and services built on blockchain from your browser.

Apart from the current developer version, a different version for users will be released in six months.

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