Blix vs. Apple: Court Dismisses Blix’s Antitrust Case Against Apple

This is the second blow to Blix in the Blix vs Apple case.

Blix vs Apple
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Blix had sued Apple with an antitrust case, which has now been dismissed by a federal judge in Delaware. The case stated that Apple was harming competition by requiring Apple ID sign-in.

However, Blix couldn’t prove its claims. Prior to this, Blix lost another case against Apple in December last year. So this makes it the second time the company has had a case against Apple kicked out.

Blix vs. Apple: The Bigger Picture

Apple’s sign-in with Apple ID feature lets users log in to apps and websites using their Apple ID. On the surface, it looks just like another single sign-on service to provide a quick login.

However, unlike other methods, if you sign in with your Apple ID, you can hide your real email address from a developer. Instead, Apple gives a forwarding email address to the developer and you can control what emails you receive from the settings on your iOS device.

This feature is called Hide My Email and is part of the recent iOS privacy features which include Private Relay as well. The court dismissed Blix vs Apple because Apple still lets users choose whether they want to use their Apple ID or stick to other login methods.

Blix is also a key member of the Coalition for App Fairness, along with Epic Games. Apple vs Epic Games is a well-known case; while its judgment is yet to come, we can see the similarities between Blix and Epic Games’ case.

While Blix sued Apple for Apple ID sign-in, Epic Games tried to go around Apple’s in-app purchasing system but got blocked from the App Store. In both cases, Apple’s integrated services are in question.

Recently, Apple also published a white paper on what could go wrong if you sideload apps on iOS. While the Apple vs Epic Games verdict is yet to come, the Blix Vs Apple case is surely a relief to the Cupertino giant.

Via: 9to5Mac

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