Black Clover chapter 335 spoilers
Image credit: Yuki Tabata

Black Clover is among the most popular manga of the new generation, right along with the likes of Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, and Jujutsu Kaisen. After going on an indefinite hiatus, the Black Clover manga is back. On that note, today, our focus is on Black Clover chapter 335.

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The new manga chapter is expected to release on August 28, 2022. While a few readers will get their hands on it on August 29, 2022. However, even before the release of the new chapter, it has been leaked online.

The previous chapter displayed some shocking turn of events as Sister Lily launched a vicious attack on Asta. Additionally, the final page of the chapter reveals that Lucius and Asta have now engaged in what seems to be their final battle.

Black Clover chapter 335 spoilers

Black Clover chapter 335 spoilers
Image credit: Yuki Tabata

The new chapter has been leaked online courtesy of One Piece Chapters. With that said, let’s look at what has been revealed in the new chapter of the manga.

The chapter took off right where the previous chapter left as Asta was befuddled looking at Julius in his new avatar. He quickly realizes that the man standing in front of him is not Julius but Lucius. Amidst that, Lucius reveals his true plans for the entire world.

Lucius took control of all the devils in the supreme and the lower world. He explains his reason to do that is to help humanity reach new heights and become invincible with the power of devils. The main antagonist of the final arc claimed that the new beings will be called “The Paladins.”

Is Asta dead in Black Clover chapter 335?

Lucius further revealed his plan to rule the new world. And he will be labeled as the “Greatest Wizard King.” Before Asta can do anything to stop Lucius, Sister Lily launches an attack on our main character and bids farewell to him. Lucius also revealed that the process of turning humans into “Paladins” will take seven days.

The chapter ends with Yami and other captains showing up at the end. However, they are all shocked at seeing their beloved Julius-sama in this avatar.

That’s all about the new chapter. Do you believe it’s the end of the road for Asta? Or will the captains find a way to save him and the entire world from Lucius’ soul magic?

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