Bitcoin Scammers Send Fake Bomb Threats Worldwide Causing Panic


In an attempt to extort money, spammers are sending threatening emails to schools, business, and government offices in different countries like US, Canada, and New Zealand.

They are demanding Bitcoin in exchange for not setting off a supposed bomb.

While there’s no conclusive evidence of any real explosives being placed somewhere or detonated, it’s definitely causing panic among people leading to several evacuations.

All the emails had different subject lines and variations in text, but they all carried the same threat. Blackmailers threatened to blow up a certain workplace or building unless they were paid an amount equal to $20,000 in Bitcoin to a specified Bitcoin address.

Here’s a picture of one such email in the tweet below:

Meanwhile, different state police have issued statements declaring there is no actual evidence of bombs and the emails seem to be fake. So they have asked the masses to remain calm and cautious.

Law enforcement investigations are currently investing the potential threats across the US, Canada, and New Zealand and probably other countries too where such emails appeared.

Cybersecurity researchers are currently tracking the Bitcoin addresses mentioned in the spam emails but none of them have received a payment yet.

Law enforcement agencies and security experts are advising receivers of such emails not to panic and not to pay the ransom demand. 

Scams like this one are rarely credible but given that nothing is impossible, everyone is requested to take a moment before panicking and responding to such threats.

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Manisha Priyadarshini

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