Bill Gates’ List Of Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies In 2019


Every year, MIT announces a Technology Review list featuring different kinds of tech that will have a significant impact in the coming year.

MIT has been following this trend for more than 18 years. But this time it’s a little different. For 2019, the top 10 technology list is hand-picked by the contributing editor and a former MIT student — Bill Gates; founder and former CEO of Microsoft.

Here are 10 technologies according to Bill Gates that will prove to be a breakthrough in 2019.

Top 10 Technologies For 2019

Robot dexterity

Robots will become a major part of human civilization in the future. And Robot Dexterity is the first step towards that goal — for those who don’t know, Robot dexterity includes robots using hands to get familiar with unfamiliar objects.

New-wave nuclear power

Better late than never, people are finally focusing on the buggiest problem of all time — Carbon emission and in turn, global warming. In coming years, we will see both fission and fusion reactor designs for controlling carbon emissions.

Predicting preemies

We will probably see some fruitful research in the pre-mature babies issue. We are looking forward to a tech that will hopefully predict a preterm birth via a simple blood test.

Gut probe in a pill

This is a swallowable device that can image the digestive tract and even perform biopsies.

Custom cancer vaccines

In the world’s fight with cancer, we are looking at a treatment that uses the body’s own immune system to target only tumor cells.

A cow-free burger

Meat alternatives that would include plant-based and lab-grown meat

Carbon dioxide catcher

Another process for reducing the impact of carbon emissions via locking the harmful gases.

An ECG on your wrist

We have already seen this in the Apple Watch Series 4 — an ECG scanner that monitors heart condition in real-time. We will see this becoming a trend in near future.

Sanitation without sewers

Self-contained toilets that will help in overcoming the sanitation issues and diseases related to it.

Smooth-talking AI assistants

AI assistants will get more familiar with the intricacies of the languages.

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