Bill Gates Hacked A Computer 45 Years Ago, He Got The Most “Surprising” Punishment Ever



Short Bytes: You might’ve heard many stories about Bill Gates. Like, how he hacked his school system to sit with girls and how he programmed the world’s first PC game. Here is a computer hacking story from his childhood when he got the most surprising punishment ever.

There are a lot of stories about Bill Gates, like, when he programmed world’s first PC game, or when he talked about living life at $2 a day. A dedicated philanthropist and the co-founder of Microsoft has played a major role in changing horizon of the technology world. The perception of a computer, from being a developer toy to a necessity of the common folks, has changed. For that Gates’ contribution can’t be denied.

Bill Gates is known to be a hacker in the past and for his love with programming and computers. You might’ve heard, how bill gates hacked his school system to sit with girls. But there is another hacking story of him, it was originally published by The Sydney Morning Herald on March 17, 1986. It was the time when the first Windows version was launched and this story was included in the profile on Bill Gates.

Gates was 15-year-old when he hacked into a computer of a major company. But the young hacker was out of luck. He was caught and as a punishment, he had to give up computing for an entire year.

This was sort of an uncommon form of justice for the wrongdoing, probably because there wasn’t much seriousness about hacking at that time. Maybe the company just wanted to teach him a lesson by taking away his favorite thing, computer.

Gates later became the World’s Richest Person and is still. He was recently outperformed by another billionaire. But it was only for a few hours and Gates was back at the throne. It might be easy to reach the top but it’s difficult to remain there. And that’s what Gates has been doing for all the years. That’s because he has learned a lot in his life and those experiences have contributed towards his success.

You can read the complete piece published on The Sydney Morning Herald here.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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