Meet “Big Dog,” The World’s Most Ultimate Fire Engine

It's arguably the most rugged firefighting truck available.

big dog firetruck

A fire incident can break out in an instant anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it’s imperative to have some firefighting solution for every possible scenario. While most fire engines have proficiency in extinguishing fires in cities and towns, wildfires require special fire engines and even helicopters to contain them. In this article, we talk about one of the most rugged firefighting trucks, the Big Dog.

A sturdy fire engine in every regard, Big Dog is a distinguished product from U.S.-based Howe & Howe. It can reach the most challenging spots in the wild and extinguish flames with great ease.

This firefighting option is really good for handling fires in places with dense vegetation or in other hard-to-reach areas. Here’s a video that shows the Big Dog making its way through difficult terrains and putting out fires effectively.

Big Dog: A top-tier fire engine with top-notch features

Essentially, the Big Dog is a 4×4 with exceptional off-road maneuverability and fire-extinguishing capabilities. It can carry 1250-1500 gallons of water and 30 gallons of foam to deal with any fire incident. Additionally, water turrets mounted at the front, and a winch at the back make sure a fire is never out of reach.

Furthermore, the fire engine comes with a 1-inch wide rubber hose that extends up to 100ft. To ensure it tackles flames spreading at different rates, the pump forces out water at a maximum speed of 500 gallons per minute.

big dog fire engine howe and howe
Image: Howe & Howe

This firefighting beast can traverse areas ranging from a dense forest to a busy street, thanks to its superior build. It has 54-inch wide military-grade tires suitable for marching forward on most kinds of surfaces. On top of that, the truck’s armored bumper can trample over obstacles on the path.

Adding to the aforementioned, the Big Dog also comes with attached cameras, a potent speaker, and LED work lights. All these features make this emergency vehicle an ultimate firefighting machine. If you’re interested, check out the most ingenious firefighting equipment in the world.

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