Best Ways to Keep Your Employees Productive During COVID


As a manager of a team or the owner of a business, you have a responsibility to not only make sure that your employees are doing their job but that they are inspired to remain productive. With the current pandemic that’s affecting every business and industry, there’s a good chance that your employees are struggling to find the inspiration and motivation to remain on task and productive.

One of the biggest challenges that you have ahead is to find a good balance between helping them maintain their productivity on their own, and holding their hand through the process. Let’s take a look at the best ways to keep your employees productive during COVID.

1. Encourage Them to Take Risks

While you might not think that now is the best time to encourage your employees to take risks, this could actually be a perfect opportunity to inspire them to get outside of their comfort zone and become more productive as a result.

For example, your employees might pick and choose their projects based on what they know and what they’re comfortable with. Try to encourage them instead to select projects that they’re not too familiar with, to encourage them to take risks and increase their productivity.

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2. Manage Their Productivity from Afar

Right now, with the pandemic restrictions in place around social distancing, you might not have much choice but to manage your employees remotely. Most of them are probably working from home at this point, and those that come into the office have to maintain a distance.

This new working regime is a challenge in itself, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your employees productive. A great way to stay on top of this is to manage their productivity from afar, with the help of technology. Try using an employee productivity tracker to keep track of their progress.

3. Make Careful Hiring Decisions

In the current climate, it’s difficult to let people go, as the primary reason will probably be having to make budget cuts across the board. This means that in the future, you might need to hire people again, as the economy slowly returns back to where it was.

If this is the case, and you’re worried about productivity, you need to be careful about who you hire. While this might sound like nothing more than common sense, if you want your business to last for a long time and be as productive as possible, you’ve got to really think about who you hire. This could make or break productivity levels.


4. Give People Autonomy

As a manager or owner, you’re probably used to working closely with your team and the individual members to make sure that they’re achieving their work goals. You might be so good at this, in fact, that you struggle to step back and allow them to try it for themselves.

We’ve all had setbacks due to COVID, one of them being the lockdown restrictions that have limited daily activity. A great way to encourage your employees to be productive right now is to give them the freedom to do so, and trust that they can get the job done.

Keeping your employees productive at any time is a challenge within itself, but right now, it’s even harder. Take these tips, and discover how easy it can be when you’re equipped with the right tools.

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