The Best Tech Gadgets of 2020 That You Need to Invest in Right Now


We’re finally in 2020 along with some top-notch new tech gadgets that are sure to set the tech market ablaze. Whether you’ve been planning to change your cellphone or upgrade your overly used headphones to new ones, you are going to find an array of options that are here with a bang! Well, there’s no doubt that buying a new phone, camera or any gadget is an investment that you make. Therefore, our priority is that you find the one that does justice to your money. So buckle up, as we take you down on a ride to find out the best gadgets that are total investments that you’d make with your money.

1. Samsung Q90R QLED TV

Samsung is the uncrowned king of all TVs. The company gained immense popularity for its top-notch features, crystal-clear image quality, and what-not. Although Samsung found itself face-to-face with a lot of criticisms back when it launched its first QLED TV, the company quickly put those criticisms to rest by addressing them all with its latest Q90R QLED TV. Samsung Q90R QLED TV delivers remarkable image quality, beautiful colors, subtle highlights, and breathtaking HDR, which adds life to images on the screen.

2. Fitbit Charge 3

Are you into fitness and want to achieve your goals in the best of ways? Fitbit Charge 3 can help you do just that. Fitbit Charge 3 is the successor to Charge 2 and has managed to bag a lot of raves. With its lightweight and minimalist design, Fitbit Charge 3 allows you to keep your fitness on track, all the time. Did we mention that Fitbit Charge 3 is waterproof and it lets you keep a check on your heart rate as well? Talk about a serious workout companion!

3. Valve Index

If you’re a VR fanatic, then Valve Index is what you need to invest in next. Unlike the other VR claimants in the market, Valve Index has introduced a more crisp display that runs perfectly even with outdated GPUs. The gaming experience on Valve Index is smooth and clear. If you’re into VR gaming where you can experience everything as close to reality, then Valve Index can be an investment that would be worth your shot.

4. Sony WH – 1000XM3

These are the headphones that put all the other ‘noise-canceling’ claimants to shame. Sony WH – 1000XM3 has been crowned as the world’s best noise-canceling headphones, for two years running and if it continues like that, we don’t see it budging from this position in its 3rd year as well. These super-comfy headphones are chargeable, with the best noise-canceling feature known to mankind. It has a battery life of a whopping 30-hours, and the sound quality is AH-MAZING and will surely keep you hooked to your playlist all the time. However, the only thing that did put us off was its call quality, which was okay-ish.

5. Plume SuperPods

Which internet service gets you an unprecedented network coverage by ensuring you cybersecurity at the same time? Spectrum internet is our go-to internet option, since it provides a lagging-free experience, at market competitive rates. Moreover, unlike any other customer service, Spectrum Customer Service just gives us another reason to opt for this brand. For their prompt response turns every distressing situation into help from God. But, what if you’re not using Spectrum internet service? Then, to amp up the speed and network coverage of your internet, you may need Plume SuperPods. That’s right, these Wi-Fi extenders need to be in your next buy-list, for they give you boosted internet coverage and enhanced cybersecurity, where many other brands fail. These pods are effortless to set up and won’t even cost you an arm and a leg to get these.

So, Which One of These Would You Go For?

Tech gadgets are always worth the invested money. The ones that we’ve mentioned above are just to help you give a small idea of the variants that are available in the market right now. If there’s anyone from the above-mentioned gadgets that you would like to get, then begin saving for them right now!

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