Best Submachine Guns (SMG) In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10

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A lot of Call of Duty Mobile players prefer Submachine Guns(SMG) for the combat in both Battle Royale and Multiple. The primary reason behind that is that submachine guns are light in weight and offer better control than assault rifles in Call of Duty Mobile.

However, Call of Duty Mobile is known to introduce several new guns with each update. That’s why, with so many options on the plate, it’s tough for the new players to figure the best Submachine guns in Call of Duty Mobile.

Well, no worries, because in this article, we’re going to talk about the three best guns(SMG) in Call of Duty Mobile. Also, we’re going to rank all SMG in COD Mobile, based on four factors, i.e., Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, and Range.

List Of Submachine Guns In Call of Duty Mobile

S.No Submachine Guns(SMG) Damage Accuracy Fire Rate Range
1 Pharo 49 49 68 43
2 GKS 43 62 60 50
3 RUS-79U 43 51 77 44
4 PDW-57 42 49 75 43
5 Razorback 42 49 75 43
6 Chicom 42 63 62 43
7 HG 40 40 62 67 46
8 Cordite 39 46 80 53
9 QQ9 40 38 83 46
10 MSMC 40 37 92 40

3 Best Submachine Guns In Call Of Duty Mobile

1. Pharo – Best SMG In COD Mobile

Pharo SMG - Best submachine gun in Call of Duty Mobile
Pharo SMG in Call of Duty Mobile

No doubt, Pharo is one of the best Submachine guns in Call of Duty Mobile. If you’re in close-range combat, then Pharo is incredible in terms of damage and fire rate. It gives a maximum damage of 49, which is similar to ASM10, the best assault rifle in Call of Duty Mobile season 10. It also comes with an incredible fire rate of 68, which means you can be both aggressive and defensive with Pharo in your hands.

If you want to be fast on your feet and put your enemies out of their misery in seconds, no SMG is better than Pharo. However, if you’re one of those players who prefer automatic SMG over Burst Submachine guns, then maybe Pharo isn’t for you. Also, in Multiplayer, you have to be at level 32 or above to unlock Pharo, whereas, in Battle Royale, the only way to use Pharo is through custom loadout in airdrops.

2. GKS

GKS in Call of Duty Mobile
GKS in Call of Duty Mobile

Personally, GKS is one of my favorite guns in Call of Duty Mobile ever since it was introduced in the game. The SMG comes with a decent amount of damage; however, the unique selling point of GKS is its accuracy of 62. That’s why, when it comes to short-mid range combats, GKS is an absolute beast with minimal recoil. In short, it’s a better and improved version of PDW-57.

As we are comparing it with PDW-57, GKS does lag behind in terms of fire rate. PDW-57 offers an insane fire rate of 77, which is quite incredible. On the other hand, GKS comes with a fire rate of 60, which is relatively less compared to PDW-57 and Pharo.

Nevertheless, after my long experience with GKS in Call of Duty Mobile, I can confidently say that if you use it right, then you won’t miss even a single shot with GKS.

3. SMG RUS-79U

RUS-79U - Best Guns in Call of Duty Mobile
RUS-79U in Call of Duty Mobile

RUS-79U is probably one of those guns in Call of Duty Mobile that is very easily available in Battle Royale. When it comes to SMG in Call of Duty Mobile, for a long time, I only used GKS and PDW-57 and was always reluctant to use RUS-79U. However, when I actually used this Submachine gun out of necessity, I was actually impressed.

Of course, the recoil of RUS-79U is greater in comparison to other powerful Submachine guns like GKS; however, it still offers great damage. Moreover, the impressive thing about RUS-79U is its Fire Rate of 77, which makes it a beast, especially in close-range combats. So, if you aren’t a fan of burst SMG Pharo and GKS, then RUS-79U is your next best option.

Top Submachine Guns In Call of Duty Mobile: Wrapping Up

So, these are the three best submachine guns in Call of Duty Mobile for fast-paced combat. The truth is, keeping aside factors such as damage, accuracy, etc., it’s all about your personal preference. If you’re good with a certain SMG in COD Mobile, but it has slightly low damage, then, by all means, stick to that gun. Using a weapon with high stats is of no use if you can’t handle it properly.

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