7 Best Sports Games On Xbox Game Pass Ultimate In 2022

Pick your poison from an impressive lineup of sports games!

7 Best sports games on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in 2022
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One of the most significant advantages of having a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the sheer number of options you have. With more than 300 games currently available, there is probably a game for everyone. But today, our focus is on the best sports games on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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Although the service previously had many amazing games in its library, it has further improved since its partnership with EA Play. So if you are a sports fan looking to play a great sports game on your PC or console, you have come to the right place. That said, let’s get started with our list.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is currently available at a discounted price of $1 for the first month, with the next two months free. You can play all the games listed below without paying anything extra.

7. Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition

Usually, when we think about sports games, it’s from a player’s perspective. But Football Manager 2022 allows you to feel the game of soccer purely from a manager’s perspective. So if you ever dreamed about running your soccer team, this game is as close as it gets for Xbox users.

From the ability to check even the tiniest stats to adjust your team’s formation during a game. FM 2022 is a complete package.

6. Cricket 22

Cricket, the gentleman’s game, is one of the most popular sports in the entire world. Unfortunately, there aren’t many companies that have invested in making a super realistic cricket game. However, Big Ant Studios has done pretty well with Cricket 22.

The game’s mechanics have been improved a lot in the last few editions of the series. Overall, you can get a pretty good gist of playing the game of cricket. But one of its most significant flaws is getting monotonous over time.

5. Madden NFL 22 Xbox One

Madden has been a long-running franchise that has offered football fans a new game almost every year. EA Sports made some pretty huge claims about this year’s edition. They are touting it to be the smoothest gameplay ever.

The game is pretty decent. However, the overall playing experience isn’t that different from the previous games in the franchise. So if you are looking for a football game to play with your buddies, then Madden NFL 22 should suffice your needs.

4. MLB The Show 22 Xbox One

Not interested in soccer or football? Then how about a game focused on baseball? Baseball is an extremely popular sport in America, and MLB The Show 22 has done a great job fulfilling fans’ needs. You can play the game with your friends at home or compete against players in the online multiplayer mode.

In addition, the game’s career mode is pretty neat and enjoyable. Moreover, the controls are easy even if you haven’t played any baseball games before. This means the game doesn’t have a steep learning curve, even for new players—no wonder it is one of the best sports games on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in 2022.

3. NBA 2K22 for Xbox One

A few years ago, the gap between NBA 2K games and NBA Live games wasn’t that big. But in recent years, NBA 2K titles have again taken a commanding lead in the genre. It’s the most authentic basketball experience that you can get out there.

As usual, in player career mode, you will find a unique trip of your player’s journey to the biggest basketball league in the world. One downside to the game remains the somewhat irritating microtransactions in the career mode. The game is good, and basketball fans have also loved it.

2. UFC 4

As we mentioned earlier, the inclusion of EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has opened new horizons for fans. UFC 4 is counted among the best sports games on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and there are various reasons for it.

The player career mode has been completely revamped. You have much more control over your fighter’s style from the very beginning. Additionally, the in-fight graphics have improved a lot since UFC 3. Of course, you can still fight against players from all around the globe to test the limits of your abilities!

1. FIFA 22 Xbox One

Love it or hate it, FIFA titles tend to be top the list of the best sports games on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate each year. FIFA 22 has done it again. This time, EA Sports added new cutscenes during the manager and player career modes. It has been a request from fans for a long time.

Apart from the career modes, the biggest attraction for fans remains to play FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). This mode allows them to create their dream club and compete against skilled players from all around the globe.

This is it from our end, and we hope this list will help you pick out the best sports game on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in 2022. Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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