7 Best Sports Games To Play On PlayStation In 2022

These are the best sports games to play on PlayStation.


If you’re a die-hard sports fan and happen to own a PS5, then you can never get enough of playing sports games on the PS5. What’s more, is that you can enjoy the sports games on your PS5 with your friends in either couch co-op or online multiplayer matches, which is sure to elevate things. That being said, in this list, let’s take a look at the best sports games on PlayStation you shouldn’t miss out on, even if you’re not a sports fan.

While we’re aware that many of you might be acquainted with some of the games we’re going to list here; however, the list won’t be complete without listing out the genre-defining sports games on the PlayStation. Furthermore, this list will contain games from FIFA 22 to NFL to Dirt 5. Similarly, if you own an Xbox, you can check out the best sports games on Game Pass.

Best Sports games on PlayStation

7. FIFA 22

Planning for a Friday gaming night with your buddies? Well, what better game than FIFA 22. The game failed to receive good reviews from players, and FIFA 22 did little to bring something new to the table. That being said, you might want to consider that the slight gameplay changes that EA has done will pave the way for the upcoming titles in the series to become something that FIFA 22 failed to become. Meanwhile, after all, if you own FIFA 19, we suggest you skip this one as the experience might turn out to be a bit disappointing.

6. Rocket League

One of the oldest titles on the list, Rocket League, is a game based on the concept of football but with cars. Rocket League is best played as a couch co-op with friends, or you can even play online multiplayer matches. However, if you choose to decide to play, rest assured that the game will not disappoint you.

Loved by fans and critics alike, Rocket League is one of the best sports games that you can play on a PlayStation. The game has simple mechanics that won’t keep you from figuring out the gameplay, and the nuanced and exhilarating gameplay will not let you put the controller down.

5. MLB The Show 21

Another one of the best sports games on PlayStation, MLB The Show 21 greatly improves upon the previous titles. With improved pitching, a new mode, cross-play, and improved loading times, MLB The Show 21 falls in that sweet spot for a sports game. That being said, do not expect the game to be flashy like some other titles on this list; rather, MLB The Show 21 has strong game mechanics and core gameplay, which is enough to keep players engaged.

However, the title doesn’t perform at its best on the new generation of consoles, in this case, the PS5. While there have been some adjustments to pitching and fielding, fans of the series who have experienced previous titles will not be happy with the game’s performance on the new generation of consoles.

4. Riders Republic

Riders Republic by Ubisoft gives players the thrill of extreme sports. While the game is based on extreme sports, it boasts an open world that lets players explore the map and get their explorers out.

While the game mechanics of Riders Republic are not something we haven’t seen; however, the way the game employs them is commendable of Ubisoft. The games make for an overall great experience for sports lovers; however, there is still room to make things better. Lastly, we can undoubtedly say that Riders Republic is one of the best sports games made in the last decade that is on PlayStation.

3. Dirt 5

If you own a PS5, you shouldn’t miss out on Dirt 5. Improvements to handling, the game’s environment, and the overall visuals make Dirt 5 one of the best sports games on the PlayStation. Furthermore, it won’t be going far to say that the PS5 version of this game is the best version so far.

With a variety of vehicles to drive from and multiple tracks, including rough terrains, Dirt 5 is an overall great rally game that you shouldn’t sleep on. One might even say that the PS4 version of Dirt 5 will look like a beta once you get your hands on the PS5 version of Dirt 5.

2. NBA 2K22

If you like basketball, you’ll immediately fall in love with NBA 2K22; if not, well, let’s talk about it. But first, let’s tell you all the good things that NBA 2K22 does. NBA 2K22 does a great job of improving upon the rather vanilla mechanics of the previous titles and even goes on to incorporate some RPG elements into the game. Furthermore, the game also provides improvements on defense, shot contests, blocks, and dunks.

While these are good things, let’s look at what the game fails to give players. First and most importantly, many fans have complained about the games’ servers being broken, along with latency issues and lags in online multiplayer. However, if you plan on playing NBA 2K22 offline, consider it to be one of the best sports games you can play on a PlayStation.

1. Gran Tourismo 7

Gran Tourismo 7 is a gem of a game; this PS exclusive is meant for everyone, even if you’re not a sports game enthusiast. However, as with any other game, the GT7 also has its demons. While with the PS5 DualSense controller, the adaptive triggers and the haptic feedback will take to an addictive and exquisite experience in the world of GT7, the game fails to give customizability to players — from not being able to sell cars for credits and requiring an active internet connection to play.

Meanwhile, GT7 does a great job at emulating the cars and tracks and provides a great overall experience to the players. In addition, the visuals and the environment of GT7 look great. Not just this, but the sounds in GT7 are commendable; the game has done a great job at incorporating the car sounds into the gameplay. Ultimately, there’s no doubt that the GT7 is one of the best sports games on PlayStation.

And with that, we’ve come to the end of the list featuring some of the best sports games to play on PlayStation. Meanwhile, this list won’t be completed without honorable mentions. Games like Crew 2, MXGP 2021, Nascar Heats, and WRC 10 are also must-plays if you’re looking for some good sports games on PlayStation.

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