6 Best Self-Driving Bikes That Will Change How We Travel

Yamaha Motobot self driving bike

The automobile industry is going through a revolutionary period of technological advancements. More and more automobile manufacturers are adopting the latest technologies that will soon change how we drive. One of these advancements can be seen in the form of self-driving bikes.

Some companies like BMW and Yamaha have completely reinvented motorcycles by adding new design features. Soon there will come a time when self-driving bikes will become a norm. Until then, we have listed some of the best examples and concepts of autonomous self-driving bikes that will singlehandedly change your biking experience.

Best Self-Driving Bikes

1. BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

The BMW Motorrad lineup has a lot of futuristic bikes in its portfolio. However, the crown jewel goes to the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100, a self-balancing futuristic bike concept. BMW Vision Next 100 concept bike features a self-balancing system that enhances safety and stability. Its engine produces zero emissions and also guides new riders in different situations.

2. BMW R 1200 GS

BMW-R-1200-GS self driving bike

During a CES festival in Vegas, BMW Motorrad also introduced the autonomous test version of its R 1200 GS.
The bike can function without human intervention and independently drive, accelerate, circle a winding test track, and slow down to a stop.

BMW Motorrad used the underlying technology of the self-driving prototype bike as a platform for the development of future systems and functions. Their aim is to make motorcycling safer, comfortable and increase the riding pleasure. 

3. Lit Motors C1

The Lit Motors C1 model was one of the first few concept models to showcase a self-driving bike. At the time, the company promised an autonomous electrically powered vehicle that has control moment gyroscopes. Unfortunately, the company wasn’t able to fulfill its promises but has recently made a comeback seeking funds to develop a fully drivable prototype.

4. Yamaha Motoroid

Yamaha-Motoroid self driving bike

Yamaha Motoroid is one of the weirdest and most coolest self-driving bike concepts. The bike features chassis gyrates, which enable it to stand upright all on its own. It also comes with an AI system for image recognition that identifies the face and gestures of the rider. These gestures can also instruct the AI to drive up to the rider, back up, or follow them.

5. Honda Riding Assist


Honda first showcased their self-driving bike at CES 2017. The Honda Riding Assist features balance control technology to reduce the possibility of falling over while the motorcycle is at rest. Specifically designed for riders riding for the first time, the vehicle also offers self-driving capabilities. The bike automatically follows the rider by tapping on the front fender of the bike. 

6. Yamaha Motobot

Yamaha has been experimenting with autonomous driving technology for motorbikes for some time. The company has even invested in an open-source self-driving operating system to support and advance autonomous driving technology.

Yamaha Motobot highlights these groundbreaking innovations with automobile self-driving systems. The goal of the project is to have a humanoid robot operate an unmodified bike. MOTOBOT will also utilize machine learning to make its own decisions.

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