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2016 was the year when Apple’s homegrown programming language Swift made waves and started growing at a fast pace. In 2017, Kotlin made similar strides after Google announced the official support for Android. Overall, it means that trends keep changing each year and the developers should adapt themselves accordingly.

Just earlier this month, a report from HackerRank focused on the shrinking gender gap in tech and helped us gain more insights into the programming language priorities of female coders. But, what about the overall popular and best programming languages?

In the past weeks, Stack Overflow released its own annual developer survey report. As it’s one of the biggest developer surveys around with more than 100,000 respondents, we’ll be taking its help in recommending the best programming languages and technologies.

Even though no top company uses single programming language for its products and this report proves it, some languages outrank others. Languages like JavaScript, Java, and Python are prime examples in this case as well.

It’s interesting to note that Stack Overflow decided to put programming, markup, and scripting languages together and prepare a combined ranking. It makes sense as nobody likes discussion over which type of languages are CSS or HTML.

Let’s take a look:

Top 10 programming, scripting, and markup languages

No.Language% of responses

As a result of this combined ranking, you can observe that the top three languages are the ones acting as the backbone of the web, i.e., JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

It’s also worth mentioning that JavaScript has managed to top the charts on this survey for the sixth year in a row. Python has shown improvement and surpassed C#; last year it left PHP behind. In a previous post, we’ve already told you how Python has been continuously cementing its place as the fastest growing programming language.

In case you’re wondering about the ranking of the technologies other than top 10, take a look at the complete chart below:

popular technologies for 2018
Image: Stack Overflow

In case you’re interested in learning some of these best programming languages, here are some programming courses for you. Take a look: