One Of The Best Note-Taking Apps ‘Simplenote’ Is Now Open Source

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Short Bytes: Simplenote, a lean but powerful note-taking app, has been made open source by its owner Automattic. Released under the GPLv2 license, developers can use its code for different platforms and take the app in new directions. But, it seems like the server-side code of the app is not yet released.

When we talk about taking notes on the go, we often mention applications like Evernote and Google Keep. They have established their position as one of the most used note-keeping applications around. You can sync and share your notes on multiple devices, draw sketches, and more.

If you are looking for some other lightweight note-taking alternative application, Simplenote by Automattic, Inc. is a great option. Making itself more desirable, Simplenote has made the code for its Android, iOS, and Mac apps open source. Interestingly, the Windows app was already open.

So, if you are a developer, you can use the application’s code in your own app or modify it to create your own version of some note-taking application. However, the server-side code of the app remains closed in Automattic’s control.

This tiny app comes bundled with some clean features like an option to sync your notes across multiple devices, ability to pin and tag notes, and a locking functionality to secure your notes.

Simplenote writes in its announcement post:

We love using Simplenote at Automattic and hope that we can build a great community of contributors from around the world to help make the apps even better.

If you’re interested, you can go ahead and grab the code on GitHub, which is licensed under GPLv2. 

Which note-taking app do you use? Share your views in the comments below.

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