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Keeping your mind calm in today’s frantic world can be challenging. According to experts, meditation is an excellent way to keep your cool and live a better life. Likewise, we’ve prepared a list of the best Meditation apps so you can start your mindfulness journey quickly.

Meditation apps not only help you set routines to mediate. Instead, they also provide underrated features like white noise and reminders, so you don’t slack off. If you want to begin meditating, use the listed apps for a healthy start.

Top 10 ‘Meditation Apps’ you should use

While innumerable apps promise to help you meditate, we have selected a few of them. Here are our picks for the best meditation apps.

1. Headspace


First off, ‘Headspace’ is a top-rated meditation app with over 70 million downloads across all platforms. Likewise, it’s an ideal choice for those who want to improve their focus but can also help you relieve stress. The app offers an extensive catalog of features like illustrations and audio sessions.

‘Headspace’ can also help you sleep if you have trouble with its intuitive features. You can also choose from several audio genres and pick your favorite sound to meditate and sleep.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Price: $13/month or $70/year after a 14-day free trial

2. Breethe

breethe best meditation apps

‘Breethe’ is yet another extremely popular app that can help you gain focus and peace of mind. The app’s guided meditation series, inspirational talks, and classes from a coach make for a great overall experience. You will surely benefit from modifying your routine and using the app’s features.

Moreover, it offers several valuable features like sleep music playlists, nature sounds, and bedtime readings. Overall, the overall package is excellent if you want to meditate and attain focus in your life.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Price: $12.99/month after a 14-day free trial

3. Calm

calm app

Further, ‘Calm’ is a widely popular meditation app that does precisely what it says. The app’s extensive list of features and excellent user experience puts it on the list of the best meditation apps. ‘Calm’ is ideal for those who want to get into meditation easily.

Moreover, it includes numerous valuable features like targeted programs to relieve anxiety and stress, bedtime stories, and audio playlists. Overall, it’s a great package if you want to meditate and live a peaceful life.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Price: $70/month after a 7-day free trial

4. Yours App

yours app best meditation apps

Next up, ‘Yours’ App makes it to the list of the best meditation apps. It’s an intuitive app that promises to Rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul with musical soundscapes, meditations, and sleep stories.

It also includes adult-oriented readings for older users who have trouble sleeping. The ‘Yours’ App is more of a mindfulness app than a meditation app, but it’s excellent at what it does.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Price: Monthly and yearly subscription options after a 7-day free trial

5. Sattva


‘Sattva’ is the final addition to the list of the best meditation apps. It’s an excellent app that can help you meditate and stay mindful. Likewise, its principles are based on ancient Vedic principles.

If you enjoy auditory and vocal meditation, ‘Sattva’ is a perfect choice. It also includes plenty of mantras, chants, and other guided sessions ranging up to several hours.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Price: $12/month, $49/year, or $199 for lifetime usage

Which is the best meditation app?

We’ve listed our top choices for the best meditation apps that you can use to start meditating. However, if you’re having trouble picking one, we recommend using ‘Headspace’ or ‘Calm.’ This will undoubtedly provide the best meditation experience.

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