Best Free VR Games For Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, & Quest Pro

free oculus quest, meta quest 2, quest pro games

Meta has recently added a new VR headset to its product lineup, and many new users will soon try it out. However, users would be surprised to know that there can get many free VR games on the Quest store and App Lab. So we have put together a list of some of the best free VR games for the Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, and Quest Pro.

The official Quest Store features many free VR games and apps, but most of them are only through App Lab. The App Lab is an alternative store where users can install non-Oculus Store games and apps onto their Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, and Quest Pro.

Currently, the App Lab features more than 1440 apps and games, more than triple the number of apps on the main Quest store. Another way to get free VR games for Quest 2 is through sideloading with applications like SideQuest.

However, users will need a developer account to sideload apps through SideQuest. For more information, check out our guide on using SideQuest to get free VR games for the Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, and Quest Pro.

Best Free VR Games For Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, & Quest Pro

Pavlov Shack


Kicking things off, we have Pavlov Shack, which is a first-person VR shooter. However, it’s not just any VR shooter. It is basically Counter-Strike but in VR. Fans of CS:GO would be surprised to know that the VR game features the same weapons and maps. The game even has a zombie hoard mode for those who like PvE more than PvP.

Why is it a good VR game?

First of all, it’s free, which is rare for a game of this quality. However, gamers should hurry and try out the as it might only be free until it is available on the App Lab. The game features various modes, including Zombie Survival, Death Match, TTT, and more. 

The weapons in the game have a bigger recoil than other VR games, which might take some time to get used to. Players can easily get used to the weapons by going to the target practice range or playing against bots in Zombie Survival. Users can get the VR game for free on the Oculus Quest 2 by using Sidequest.

Battle Talent

battle talent free oculus quest 2 games

Battle Tallent is a physics-based roguelite action game that puts in a fully interactive environment. The game puts players in a procedurally generated dungeon filled with enemies like goblins and skeletons. Players can climb, run or slide to traverse the dungeon and fight the enemies using melee weapons, guns, or magic.

Why makes Battle Talent a good VR game?

There are many VR sandbox combat games on the Quest, but Battle Talent is the only free alternative. Even without factoring in the free price, it is still a great VR game to experience the fantasy of fighting using swords, bows, and magic.

Gamers can build their character towards a specific playstyle, like an archmage, swordmaster, or marksman. Battle Talent also features mods that can be easily downloaded and installed to add new weapons and spells. It is one of the best free VR games for the Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, and Quest Pro.

Gun Raiders


Shooting games are a must for any gamer; the same is true for VR games. Gun Raiders is a free VR game with multiple game modes that allow players to compete against each other. The game features multiple game modes, just like any other multiplayer first-person shooter.

Why makes Gun Raiders a good VR game?

Despite being free, the game also has a unique identity and fast-paced combat, unlike any other VR game. The game features multiple movement options, such as jetpacks for flying through the air and climbing any wall with your hands. It is a must-have free VR game for Oculus Quest 2 users if they are a fan of shooting games.

Echo VR


Echo VR defines what a sports game would look like in zero gravity. The VR game is like American football in zero gravity, where players use a frisbee instead of a football. Two teams compete against each other to score a goal on the opposite side of the map.

Players can also hit their opponents in the face to knock them out for a brief moment. There’s also a slingshot strategy that players can use to boost each other and reach the goal.

Why makes Echo VR a good VR game?

The game is developed by the creators of the famous Lone Echo series and receives constant updates. It is inspired by movies like Tron: Legacy and Ender’s Game. It is essentially a team sport where players would have to work together to pass the disk (Tron style) and use the zero-gravity environment in their favor. All in all, it’s a fun VR game that is a must-play.


VR Chat is not a game exactly but rather a social space. It is the closest example to a metaverse, if there ever is one, as players can create their own worlds. The game also lets players dress up as different characters inspired by anime, cartoons, pop culture, etc.

Why makes VR Chat a good VR game?

Players can become anyone just by importing models from any popular franchise to use as their virtual avatars. This VR game can also be played without a VR headset. There are also mini-games like Capture the Flag, Steel’ n’ Gold, and Battle Disks.

There’s no limitation on what kind of virtual world a user wants to create. These worlds range from a Japanese-themed Shinto shrine to a neon punk dystopian future. The only limit here is the imagination of the player. It is one of the best free VR social games for the Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, and Quest Pro.

Rec Room


Rec Room is similar to VR Chat in many ways but is still quite different. It is a game with heavy social aspects but is more focused on games and user-generated content. The games act as recreational activities, some of which are user-generated content.

Why makes Rec Room a good VR game?

The game allows the players to make their own tools and assets using the maker pen. With this, players can make anything from their imagination. Players can also participate in games such as Rec Royale, Among Us RR, Paintball, Laser Tag, Kart Racing, etc.

Rec Room can even be played on a smartphone if they can run it properly. The game also has a very active community, most likely due to the frequent community events and updates from the developers. Players can meet tons of new people through this social VR game, which is the central theme of Rec Room.

Ancient Dungeon Beta


Dungeon crawler games have been a staple in the gaming industry and have even made their way into VR. Ancient Dungeon is a Minecraft-style VR game where players explore randomly generated dungeons. Players must also deal with enemies and traps spread through the dungeon.

Why makes Ancient Dungeon a good VR game?

It is a one-of-a-kind game, making it one of the best free VR games for the Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, and Quest Pro. The store version of the game goes for $19.99, but the beta version on the App Lab is available for free even after its release on the Quest Store.

Best free VR games (bonus)

The official Quest store also features many free VR game demos that can be played on Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, and Quest Pro. The following are some of the most popular VR game demos that are a must-try for every new user.

  • Beat Saber Demo
  • Epic Roller Coasters Demo
  • Space Pirate Trainer Demo
  • Superhot VR Demo
  • Dance Central Demo
  • Sports Scramble
  • Journey of the Gods Demo
  • Oculus First Contact
  • First Steps for Quest 2
  • First Hand Demo

Players can also check out many free VR games on Steam and play them on the Oculus Quest 2 through Air Link or a USB-C cable. Let us know what other free VR games should be included in this list in the comment section below.

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