10 Best Free Mods For Bonelab [PC VR & Quest 2]

best bonelab mods for pc and quest 2

Bonelab is one of the best VR games that the gaming industry has seen in a while. The last time there was so much hype for a VR game was when Half-Life: Alyx came out. The game is literally a metaverse where players can be anything and anyone, thanks to Bonelab mod support.

According to Alex Knoll (co-owner/creative director), the game’s content comprises 33% user-generated content, 33% sandbox, and 33% plot. However, it is recommended to play the campaign once without any mods.

After completing the campaign, players can easily mod the game with different avatars, maps, guns, and other spawnable items. To make it easy for all users, we have made a guide on installing Bonelab mods on Quest 2 and PC right here.

Even though the game has been out for a limited time, modders have once again shown what they are capable of. We have compiled a list of all the best mods Bonelab offers.

10 Best Bonelab Mods

GTA Vice City and San Andreas Map

Several modders have ported some of the most popular maps from other games. Fortunately, It only took a few weeks for modders to bring the entirety of Vice City and San Andreas to Bonelab. These maps are compatible with both PC VR and Quest 2.

However, the GTA SA map has performance issues on the Quest 2. However, the modder will continue to improve the mod stability in future updates. Until then, a miniature version of the GTA SA map can run on the Quest 2.

100% Dev Save

how to download and install mod for bonelab

Throughout the Bonelab campaign, players will come across capsules that unlock various items. These capsules are hidden in every game location, and collecting them can be a pain. That’s where the 100% dev save file comes in.

It’s not exactly a mod, but a modified save file that includes all unlockable avatars and regular capsules. It even contains unused/unintended items in the game that can’t be unlocked normally. Just replace your save file with this one and back up your original, just in case.

LabWorks (BoneWorks Port)


LabWorks is an ambitious project by a modder known as volx64. The mod intends to port the entire campaign Boneworks to its sequel. It is still a work in progress and might take the collective effort of the entire community to be fully completed.

Despite that, we added it to the list to showcase the potential of modding in Bonelab. So make sure to go to the link below and show your support by liking and subscribing to the mod for future updates.

Iron Giant avatar


Bonelab has a lot of different avatars to choose from, but this one stands out from the rest. While most avatars can be categorized into big and small, the Iron Giant is in a league of its own. Standing 35 feet tall, the Iron Giant is the most prominent avatar currently in the game.

Due to its size, the Iron Giant can’t interact with most spawnable items. However, players can interact with the environment in a completely new way thanks to the physics engine. Go to the Experimental hub and try out the equally large bowling alley with the Iron Giant.

Titanfall 2 Avatars


This mod pack includes all major characters from the Titanfall 2 campaign. This pack includes avatars of Jack Cooper, Viper, Ash, Gates, and even BT-7274. Obviously, the star of the show is the walking-talking Titan BT-7274.

The modder has also promised to add other characters from the Titanfall universe, such as Blisk and other pilots (from multiplayer). He has even hinted at working on a robot we all love, which is most likely Pathfinder from Apex Legends.

Mario Kart Map Pack!


Bonelab has an excellent vehicle system, and mods like these take full advantage of that feature. The Mario Kart Map pack adds several new maps from different Mario Kart games. Currently, it includes four maps such as Luigi Circuit (GCN), Toad Circuit (3DS), Yoshi Circuit (GCN), and Mario Raceway (N64).

Users can search for other similar mods for more racing maps like these. A few notable ones to look out for are Rovert’s Super Mario 64 Mod which aims to bring all content from Super Mario 64 into BONELAB. There’s also a Mario Kart N64 Map Pack with tracks like Mario Raceway, Luigi Raceway, Royal Raceway, and Bowser’s Castle.

Infinite Arena


The main attraction of the game is the fast-paced combat and gun mechanics. The infinite arena is a Bonelab mod that adds a new map to the game where enemies infinitely spawn. Unlike other arenas, it is pretty small, and enemy spawns are relatively quick.

Due to this, players won’t have to wait for enemies to come to them. Players can now experience a more satisfying combat loop and badass gameplay.

Minecraft Village


Minecraft Village adds a new map to the game. As the title suggests, the mod contains a Minecraft-themed map for Bonelab. Players can also break into the villager’s houses and fight NPCs. According to the creator, many little easter eggs and secrets are hidden throughout the map.

The modder has even added some physics to the blocks for more immersion. There’s also an alternative Minecraft Sandbox mod that includes some pre-placed enemies, weapons, a small cave, and a small house. 

Iron Man avatar

Who doesn’t want to be Iron Man at least once? Gamers can now make that dream come true in Bonelab with the Iron Man avatar mod. It features the Iron Man armor from the original film and even has Rhodey’s version of the armor.

Apart from this, there’s also a Hulk Buster avatar mod from the MCU. However, the Hulk Buster mod is still a work in progress, so users might see some clipping through the body.

Custom campaigns


Many modders are making custom campaigns through the Bonelab SDK. The few notable ones to look out for are Jewel Thief, Night Heist, and Project liminal. There’s even a work-in-progress custom campaign called MalO.

According to the modder, they plan to use custom-made assets to make everything look a lot better, with better lighting and optimization for the Quest version of the game.

Other Boneworks Mods

There are countless other Bonelab mods that players can try out right now. Just go to this website and look for something that suits your interests. Try out different avatars, custom maps, and arenas. Let us know if you find anything interesting in the comment section below.

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