Is Your New PC Not Entertaining Enough? Here Are The Best Entertainment Apps For Windows 11/10

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best entertainment apps for windows 11 10
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Getting a new PC or laptop may seem exciting, but you might inevitably feel something is missing. We have the solution for you; your new computer must have some entertainment apps so you can relish your purchase to the fullest. Likewise, this list will include the best entertainment apps available on Windows 11 and 10 that you can try.

The most popular OTT and streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Spotify offer their desktop apps on the Microsoft Store. Downloading apps from the Microsoft Store is not only convenient for users but also secure and easy for companies. Similarly, this list will include both Microsoft Store apps (UWP) and downloadable installers (Win32).

Why do you need entertainment apps on Windows?

We believe we speak for everyone when we say that everyone likes streaming their favorite type of media. Hence, it’s only fair to get the best entertainment apps out there to make your experience first-rate. You might have gotten your Windows machine for school or work, but you don’t need to limit the experience right there. You can get an app for almost everything now, so why wait to make that free time more entertaining?

Best entertainment apps for Windows 11/10

It’s highly likely that you already know about most titles on the list. However, you might want to give their Windows apps a chance too.

1. Kodi


Price: Free

Firstly, the community-favorite media streaming app, Kodi, is on the list of the best entertainment apps. The company behind the app brands it as an open-source home theatre software, but it’s much more than that. With the right extensions, you can make it an all-in-one streaming app that can play content from public repositories, cloud drives, and locally. Hence, Kodi is the perfect entertainment software for Windows 11/10 if you frequently stream media. If you want something more convenient and are ready to pay for it, head to the next entry on this list.

2. Netflix

netflix best entertainment apps for windows 11 10

Price: Free (requires subscription)

The most popular streaming platform’s Windows app is excellent for users. You can’t stream 1080p content on Windows if you use Netflix on a browser. Hence, you need to get the Netflix app from the Microsoft Store to enjoy HD content on your PC or laptop. The best part about the Netflix app is that you can download episodes or movies for offline viewing. The offline viewing feature is something that many users require after paying for the subscription. All in all, the entertainment app is a must-have for Windows users with a Netflix subscription.

3. VLC Media Player

vlc media player

Price: Free

The next entry on our list of the best entertainment apps is VLC Media Player. You might wonder why is a media player on this list. However, we had to include the media player app that can do it all. It’s an excellent choice to easily play your local audio and video files. Moreover, it also supports an extensive collection of file formats and comes with handy features like recording clips. You can also use the app to stream media from a direct link or convert media files into different formats. VideoLAN also offers an app version that you can directly download from its website if you don’t want to get it from the Microsoft Store. However, if videos aren’t your thing, you may like the next name on this list.

4. Spotify Music

best entertainment app spotify

Price: Free

You might have seen this coming; Spotify makes it to the list of the best entertainment apps for Windows 11/10. While you can always use Spotify’s Web Player on a browser, the Spotify app on the Microsoft Store is an excellent choice. Similarly, the app is well-made and optimized for the OS. The Spotify app is excellent for users who prefer Spotify for music and have its premium subscription too. All in all, we recommend using Spotify if you listen to a lot of music on your Windows machine.

5. Hulu


Price: Free (requires a subscription)

Next up, Hulu is a renowned entertainment app among media consumers worldwide. Being an OTT platform, it offers an extensive collection of TV series and movies you can stream anytime. With Hulu’s app available on the Microsoft Store, you can easily access its library of video content from your Windows PC. Likewise, it offers a neat and clean user interface with easy access to its titles. Hulu’s UWP app is an excellent choice for Windows 11/10 users with a Hulu subscription.

6. Crunchyroll

crunchyroll best entertainment apps for windows 11/10

Price: Free

For all the anime fans out there, Crunchyroll, the popular anime streaming platform, also has a Windows app (in case you wanted it). Moreover, you can get the platform’s Windows app (UWP) from the Microsoft Store if you have a Crunchyroll subscription. With its extensive collection of anime series and movies, you can enjoy it anywhere on your Windows machine.

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While hundreds of entertainment apps are available for Windows 11 and 10, our picks of the best entertainment apps will likely give you an impeccable experience. If you listen to a lot of music, you can get Spotify’s desktop app or Kodi if you like an all-in-one app. However, Netflix is also great for everyone with a subscription to enjoy its titles anywhere.

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