8 Best Email Apps For Android To Keep Your Inbox Organized In 2022

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Email has been around for some time and is still a core part of the modern world. Everyone uses email for professional, legal, or personal use almost every day. Likewise, we have compiled a list of the eight best email apps for Android that you should use to manage your inbox.

Considering its importance, it is highly likely that an email application (mostly Gmail) will already come pre-installed on your smartphone. However, dozens of third-party email apps on Google Play have better features than the stock email app. Hence, you should give some third-party clients a chance if you receive many emails daily.

8 best Android email apps of 2022

Note: This list isn’t in order of preference and is just a compilation of some great Android email clients. You can choose one as per your needs.

1. Blue Mail

blue mail

With dozens of features, BlueMail is a good pick when searching for the best Android email client in 2022. It works with many email platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Outlook, iCloud, etc. It also has support for IMAP, POP3, and MS Exchange.

You can sync multiple mailboxes from all your providers in a unified interface. It delivers a stunning UI with a wide range of visual customizations. It also has valuable features like Wear OS support and a configurable menu. Also, you can even set a timed lock screen to protect your private emails.

2. Microsoft Outlook

outlook best email for android

Microsoft’s cross-platform email client is a renowned one among students and professionals. Outlook lets you quickly and comfortably manage your email accounts with ease. Also, Outlook now ranks among the best Android email apps, with over 500 million downloads on Google Play.

Outlook has a clean and user-friendly interface; you can sync and use several email accounts simultaneously. Besides supporting the primary services like Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, or Yahoo Mail, it also integrates cloud storage services.

3. Gmail

gmail app

Gmail is an already popular email app that comes pre-installed on most Android devices. Being the most significant client, you can’t forget Gmail when looking for the best Android email app. Likewise, it brings a friendly UI and neatly organizes your inbox into different folders, such as social and promotional emails.

You can manage multiple Gmail accounts and email services from other providers. Other features include group discussions, bookmarking messages, customizable push notifications, etc. One of the main features of this Android email client is the intuitive smart reply feature which suggests relevant responses.

You can check our picks of the top Gmail alternatives if you want to switch your primary email client across all platforms.

4. ProtonMail

protonmail best email app for android

ProtonMail offers end-to-end email encryption, making it virtually impossible for anyone to read it except the sender and the recipient. Apart from this, it also provides all the modern features necessary to become the best email app.

You can set timers on messages to self-destruct after sending. Moreover, you can password protect your emails for non-ProtonMail users. Likewise, many users worldwide prefer ProtonMail because of its aggressive security features.

5. TypeApp Email

typeapp email android

TypeApp is a beautifully designed Android email app that allows you to manage all your accounts altogether. It comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use design. Also, it supports a wide range of email protocols and services like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Hotmail, Outlook, Apple, etc.

Other features include a unified inbox, push notifications, day and night modes, Calender and contact sync, group mailing services, etc. You can also use it with WearOS devices. Consequently, it is one of the best email apps for Android in 2022 that is worth a try.

6. Edison Mail

edison mail

Edison Mail is a reliable email client worthy enough to be considered one of the best Android email apps. With an elegant design, it supports a variety of email providers and allows you to manage unlimited mail accounts. It also offers unparalleled speed and integrates a built-in intelligent assistant.

Moreover, the app provides real-time travel notifications, configurable swipe controls, auto-sorting email into categories, etc. You can also use this Android email client on smartwatches powered by Google’s WearOS.

7. Spark

spark best email app for android

Spark is an already renowned app among Mac users, and the company introduced an Android variant in 2019. Likewise, the app works with several email providers like Google, iCloud, Outlook, etc., with support for multiple accounts.

Spark also has intuitive features like collaborating on messages with your team or private discussions among organizations. Moreover, it offers a clean UI where you can view all emails separately or in a universal inbox.

8. Nine

nine best email app

Finally, the last entry on the list of the best email apps for Android isn’t a free one. Nine is a paid client that offers a 2-week free trial, but some users say it’s worth the price. If you use Outlook or Exchange services, it’s an excellent choice for you.

Moreover, all the app does is connect you to email services where you can perform many tasks. Likewise, Nine allows you to select which folders you want to sync along with Wear OS support. All in all, Nine is suitable for business users, so it’s not for everyone.

Our recommendation

Our picks of the best email apps for Android include an option for every type of user. Hence, you can pick one based on your preferences. If you want something for personal emails, we recommend using Microsoft Outlook or Spark for the best experience. If your emails are business-oriented, you can pick Nine for a smooth experience. Alternatively, ProtonMail is a perfect choice if you want your email and communication to be secure,

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