Data Says Today Is The Best Day To Trade In Your Old iPhone If You’re Getting An iPhone 14

Save your money!

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iPhone 14 launch event is happening on 7 September. If you are thinking of buying the latest one from Apple, you should evaluate some options. While most people will empty their wallets without thinking twice, you can save actually a lot while upgrading to the new iPhone 14 lineup.

Most users are unaware of the fact that the value of old iPhone models dips after the launch of a new version. If you don’t trade your mobile phone before that, you will end up losing a lot of money.

How can you save more money on iPhone 14?

As soon as the new version of the iPhone launches, the older model’s value depreciates by a jaw-dropping margin. This happens with all the products. Moreover, people do not trade in their devices while buying a new iPhone because they are unaware of the fact that it could save a lot of money. musicMagpie researched that customers could expect to be offered up to 16% more if they trade their older iPhones before the launch.

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Cut to one month later, the value of older Apple phones decreases by 23% on average. So, not trading up your iPhone is basically losing a lot of money. As far as the estimates go, here’s how much you can get for an old iPhone if you trade in before the launch of the new one.

  • iPhone13 Pro Max 1TB – up to $929.94
  • iPhone 13 512GB – up to $683.88
  • iPhone 12 128GB – up to $471.32
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB – up to $306.13
  • iPhone 11 128GB – up to $335.01
  • Google Pixel 5 – up to $265.70
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB – up to $150.18
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB – up to $93.57
  • iPhone 8 64GB – up to $107.43
  • Galaxy S8 64GB – up to $72.78
  • iPhone 7 32GB – up to $45

Apple offers trade-in services when you buy an iPhone. But you can also use musicMagpie, especially if you live in the UK to save more while trading your old iPhone. If you want to save the maximum amount, don’t wait for October.

We’ve already talked about the best trade-in times for your older iPhone models, and this data pinpoints exactly when you should do it. So if you’re buying a new one, better sell yours now. However, it is a bit of a blind gamble as the iPhone 14 prices and specifications aren’t out yet.

But if you’re sure you’ll upgrade to an iPhone 14 or an iPhone 14 Pro model, now is the time to trade in.

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