Chosen By Google: The Best Chrome Extensions Of 2021

Google's favorite extensions of the year.


It’s the end of another year, and Google is looking back at the best extensions of the past year. Google Chrome is a significantly great browser on its own, and it gets better with extensions. Likewise, the tech giant has released a list of the best Google Chrome extensions of 2021 in a recent blog post. Google earlier released a list of the best apps of 2021 to mark the end of this year.

The Chrome Web Store offers a variety of extensions that can improve your day-to-day workflow. From productivity tools to applying entire scripts on websites, you can do it all. However, none of these extensions came out in 2021; these are the ones that topped the list, according to Google.

Google’s favorite Chrome extensions of 2021

Below are the best extensions for users in 2021, with a short description of what they do.

Communication and collaboration

communicate and collaborate extensions
  • Loom: Makes it easier to capture and share videos.
  • Mote: Allows you to give quick feedback through voice commentions and transcripts.
  • WordTune: Helps you communicate by rephrasing sentences and catching typos in emails and documents.


  • Forest: Gamify productivity through virtual tree planting and rewards.
  • Dark Reader: Protects your eyes (and sleep schedule) by enabling dark mode on all websites.
  • Tab Manager Plus: Manages multiple tabs easily.
  • Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder: Takes screenshots & record screen videos and helps share them.

Virtual Learning

best virtual learning chrome extensions
  • Kami: Creates an interactive online learning space.
  • InsertLearning: Helps you easily take notes with Google Classroom integration.
  • Toucan: Helps you learn new languages easily.
  • Rememberry: Organizes vocabulary words into flashcard decks.

Best Chrome Extensions: Miscellaneous

  • Stylus: Helps you build and install custom themes and skins for websites.
  • Raukten: Find coupons and deals across the web.

Finally, the list ends here. Above all, extensions are handy tools that enhance your browsing experience. You can download the best chrome extensions of 2021 from the Chrome Web Store.

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