7 Best Caller ID Apps For Android And iOS | Reverse Phone Lookup Apps

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BEst Caller ID Apps

A lot of people want to know who is calling them if the number is unknown. To help people know who is calling them, there are several caller ID apps available on Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS users. It helps them identify fake or spam calls.

Users can also allow these apps to automatically block spam messages. Since the need increased, several caller ID apps came into existence. It can be a challenging task for users to test each of them and find out the best caller ID app. This is why I have listed several reverse phone lookup apps in this list. You can choose any of these apps as per your convenience.

7 Best Caller ID Apps To Identify Incoming Calls

  1. TrueCaller
  2. Hiya Caller ID and Block
  3. Should I Answer
  4. Mr. Number
  5. Showcaller
  6. Whoscall
  7. CIA

1. TrueCaller


One of the most popular dialer replacements and free caller ID app, Truecaller was first launched in 2009 for Blackberry phones. Soon after its success, the app received an Android version. It is one of the most used caller ID apps in India and has a user base of more than 150 million.

Truecaller can be dubbed as the best caller ID app as it is backed by a large spam list created with the help of 200 million users across the globe. The application can identify almost any number with appropriate information to let the user know who is calling them.

Users can also use the app to make calls and send messages directly. The app permits the user to see whether their friends are free to talk. Truecaller was also in the limelight as the app provided a call notification even before the call gets connected.


  • Security issues encountered by a lot of users
  • The caller’s information displayed by the app is can be wrong sometimes
  • The caller ID feature needs to be focused instead of developing features

Availability: Android, iOS

2. Hiya Caller ID and Block

hiya caller app

Hiya is a caller ID app that identifies calls and allows the user to choose whether they want to attend the call. The app can be used to blacklist spam numbers and fraudulent calls. This app uses the reverse phone lookup feature to accomplish it. Hiya has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store with a 4.4-star rating.

Hiya identifies around 400 million calls every month for its users and has identified 1 billion spam calls until now. The app also checks the content of a message and recognizes whether it is a virus or malware.


  • Speed issues encountered in the app
  • The paid version is not up to the mark
  • Reporting a number feature unavailable for the newer Android versions

Availability: Android, iOS

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3. Should I Answer?

Should I Answer app

As the name suggests, it helps the user in identifying the call and deciding whether they should answer the call or not. Should I Answer app helps in letting the user know the nature of the call as if it is spam, scam, or a regular call.

The unique thing about the app is that it automatically blocks calls from foreign numbers and hidden numbers. Should I Answer works even without the internet, which makes it one of the best caller ID app available on the Google Play Store.


  • A bug that makes the user unable to take calls
  • Typical user interface
  • Instantly asks for review from the users

Availability: Android

4. Mr. Number

Mr Number

One of the best caller ID apps for Android. Users can block unwanted messages, fraud, and spam calls. Mr. Number also provides the identity of the unknown incoming calls. The app blocks all the scam calls and spam messages on the basis of numbers reported by the users.

The app can block calls from one person, area code, or a country. Mr. Number also looks up for recent calls in the user’s phone history to suggest if the number should be blocked.


  • Free version is less efficient
  • Automatically rejects regular calls too
  • Paid version of the app is disappointing as it offers only call blocking in the paid version too

Availability: Android, iOS

5. Showcaller


Showcaller helps the user in letting the people know who is trying to reach them. It also provides a nearly accurate location of the caller. Just like Truecaller, Showcaller also identifies the spam callers and add the number to its database.

The app also provides you the option to blacklist specific numbers and helps you ignore the annoying calls conveniently. Calls can also be recorded with the app, but make sure that the place you are located allows the same. In some states, recording the call without someone’s permission is considered as federal wiretapping crime.


  • It consumes a lot of battery
  • Smartphone’s responsiveness decreases after installation
  • Pro version of the app is not supporting the contact search

Availability: Android

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6. Whoscall


With more than 70 million global downloads, Whoscall has a database of more than 1 billion spam and scam calls. The caller ID app comes with a built-in dialer and a conversation page. The number can be identified on the app without the internet as the app has an offline database.

The app is so trustworthy that it served as the official partner of the Taiwan National Police Administration. Whoscall has a user-friendly interface and has all the features, including answer, reject and put the call on speaker.


  • It only displays numbers at the time of call, which makes it difficult for the user to identify who is calling
  • No updates for the basic version; users need to buy the pro version of the app for the same
  • Regular messages and spam messages are in the same folder, which creates confusion

Availability: Android, iOS

7. CIA


This app is one of the best Truecaller alternatives as it helps the user to block unwanted calls. CIA has a database of around 1 million spam numbers. The app can be used for reverse phone lookup to find a name, address, or any further information related to an unknown number.

The unique feature of the app is that if users call a company, and the number is busy, the CIA provides similar options for the service. The app is linked with multiple data sources, including Yellow Pages, Facebook, White Pages, and Trip Advisor, to provide accurate information.


  • General calls are also blocked sometimes
  • Notifications in the app get late
  • App unable to recognize local numbers at times

Availability: Android

Reverse phone lookup apps are one of the most necessary things to have in smartphones. Above mentioned are the seven best reverse phone lookup apps with a massive database and millions of users.

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FAQs On Best Caller ID Apps

1. Is there a free reverse phone lookup service?

A number of reverse phone lookup tools are available on the Google Play store to provide accurate information about an unknown caller. There are paid subscriptions of the reverse phone lookup tools, which can be purchased by the user as per their requirement. You can refer to the above-mentioned apps for the free ones.

2. What is the best free reverse phone lookup app?

As per the user interest and number of downloads at Google Play store, TrueCaller is one of the most trusted and used reverse phone lookup apps used by the people around the world.

3. Can you find someone’s name by their phone number for free?

Yes, few reverse phone lookup tools provide all the necessary details like name, address, and carriers by using the number. Users can buy premium subscriptions of the apps to know all the information on a number based on their demand.

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