BeReal Is A New Social Media App And Latest Buzz On App Store

Can it take on the big Giants?

BeReal Is A New Social Media App & Latest Buzz On App Store
Image: BeReal

Social media apps have been coming in numbers in recent years. Although not everything catches up and developers continue on finding the next big thing for gen z. It still remains quite a task, as social media behemoths like Instagram and Snapchat already exist in the market.

Among the newbies gaining popularity is the new photo-sharing app BeReal. BeReal stood among the top 20 free apps on iOS this week and ranked fourth in social networking, behind only Facebook’s apps.

What is BeReal all about?

BeReal Is A New Social Media App & Latest Buzz On App Store
Image: BeReal

BeReal, which launched in 2020, asks users to take one unedited photo per day at an apparently random moment. It’s possible that the notification will arrive at 8 p.m. today and 11:48 a.m. tomorrow. After that, users have two minutes to snap and publish a photo before it is labeled as late.

They can check what their friends have posted for the day after sharing and comment or react with an emoji. If a photo is uploaded late, the app will notify your pals, but there are no additional consequences. The software makes use of both the front and rear cameras to provide users with a real-time view of what’s going on.

According to a report from CNBC, users said that it serves a purpose other than Instagram and Snapchat. They even said that some friends do not communicate every day but getting a peek into what they’re doing once a day makes them feel connected.

BeReal Is A New Social Media App & Latest Buzz On App Store
Image: BeReal

BeReal was quite quick to reach the top charts as it still is new in the market. According to SensorTower, BeReal has about 10.7 million global installs so far. Its best month was April, when it reached 3.6 million, jumping 157 percent from March, according to the company.

BeReal has a college and high school ambassador program, which is likely one of the reasons for the company’s rapid growth. According to Business Insider, the corporation is worth $600 million.

Although the app is free and there are no ads, it remains unclear how the company makes its money. It is often the case with nascent social media apps. Still, investors like what they see enough to pour money into making it a company with such a high valuation.

How can you use BeReal?

BeReal Is A New Social Media App & Latest Buzz On App Store
Image: BeReal

You can download BeReal from the App store and after choosing a username, the app will prompt you to take a picture. It will give you about two minutes time to think about your surroundings and what you want to take a snapshot of. After you take a picture you can then go on to your profile to upload that profile picture.

These pictures can hence be shared with your friends that you’ve added after downloading the app. You can only see your friends’ posts if you share your own that day, so there’s absolutely no lurking on the app. You can also comment on others’ posts or react with a “RealMoji,” a selfie of you mimicking an emoji face.

You can go ahead and take a shot at this newly popular social media app as it’s available for free on the App store. Tells us what you think about the app in the comments down below.

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