Meet Bead Bazooka, An Air Gun That Seats A Tire On A Rim In Just A Second

It readies a tire for use with just a quick blast of air.

bead bazooka
Image: YouTube / Gaither Tool Co.

The wheel is often called the most important invention in history, and rightfully so. In today’s context, wheels are an integral component used for various mechanical purposes. They are most noticeably used in vehicles, ranging from cars to airplanes. In fact, we couldn’t imagine a vehicle without imagining its wheels.

These wheels, or more precisely rims, aren’t manufactured as a standalone ready-to-use unit, though. The rim must be fitted with a tire before it can be used in a vehicle. This process of seating a tire firmly on a rim is crucial for the vehicle’s smooth performance.

Tires are placed tightly onto rims using a tool known as a bead seater. While standard bead seaters are usually clumsy big, there’s also a compact and effective alternative, the Bead Bazooka. Here’s a video showing this bead-seating air gun in action.

Bead Bazooka features

The Bead Bazooka is a handy bead seater that can fix a tire to a rim in a second. It uses the rapid air release (RAR) valve technology to handle the most challenging tire beads. The release of air is controlled by the trigger on the equipment.

This bead seater from Gaither Tool Co. is suitable for a wide range of tires. It has three different variants such as BB3L2, BB6L2, and BB10L2. The BB3L2 model gives an optimal performance with ATV, motorcycle, car, and light commercial vehicle tires. On the other hand, the BB6L2 model covers all these tire sizes in addition to heavy commercial vehicle tires. Moreover, the BB10L2 further adds light agricultural vehicle tires into the mix.

bead bazooka variants
Bead Bazooka variants (Image:

How bead seating using Bead Bazooka works

First off, the tire is loosely fitted on the rim such that there’s some space between the inside of the tire and the outside of the wheel. Then, while the wheel is positioned horizontally or laid down, the Bead Bazooka is aimed at this gap, and a burst of air is released. In just a second, the shot of air inflates the tire and closes the gap. The same process is repeated for spots around the wheel where the gaps are still present.

Do you think the Bead Bazooka is the best tool to seat tires? Tell us in the comments below. Also, make sure to check out how auto glass experts fix windscreens and car windows efficiently.

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