This “Supercapacitor” Battery Charges In Seconds, Lasts For Days

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Short Bytes: A group of researchers has developed a new battery technology that uses supercapacitors and newly discovered 2D materials. While the supercapacitor core provides high energy and power densities, 2D material coating facilitates fast charging.

The researchers from the University of Central Florida (UCF) have come up with a new process for developing flexible supercapacitors that exceed the performance of today’s batteries. These supercapacitors can be recharged more than 30,000 times and they can store more energy.

Compared to the conventional lithium-ion cell, this research could produce high-capacity batteries that last over 20 times longer than a conventional lithium-ion cell.

Talking about the same, UCF postdoctoral associate Nitin Choudhary says that one won’t need to charge the phone again for over a week. Moreover, it could let one charge the mobile phone in a few seconds.

SUPERCAPACITOR CORE + 2D Material Coating = Magic

The UCF team applied the coating of newly discovered two-dimensional materials, which are only a few atoms thick, to supercapacitors using a simple chemical synthesis approach. Other researchers have attempted the same in the past but they didn’t achieve much success.

The supercapacitors that we’re talking about are composed of millions of nanometer-thick wires that are coated with the above-mentioned two-dimensional materials. While the coating yields high energy and power densities, the core facilitates fast electron transfer for fast charging.supercapacitor-battery-coated-with-2d-materials

These supercapacitors can be used in smartphones and other electronic devices. The electric vehicles too can benefit from a sudden blast of speed and power.

At the moment, this supercapacitor battery tech is a proof-of-concept and it’s not ready for commercialization. However, the researchers are hopeful that it’s going to impact the technology world in a big way.

Research Paper:

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