Batman Fans React To “What They Would Do To Live In Gotham For $300 Per Month” Tweet

Would you?


When it comes to enjoying cult films, memes and references from classics keep resurfacing online. Now, a random question on Twitter about moving to Gotham City has sparked a wave of jokes and memes on the platform.

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The fictional city popularized by DC Comics is best known as the home of the superhero Batman and his friends and foes. From heinous crimes and corruption to poverty and mental illness, Gotham City has it all. Even though most things associated with the fictional American city are dark, nasty, and terrible, someone asked if people would agree to move there for a lower rent.

Will you move to Gotham City for cheaper rent?

Citizens in the United States have been dealing with rising fuel, housing, and food prices as inflation in the country reached a new four-decade high in June. So, Twitter user @hellfiresbyers asked: “If rent in Gotham was ($)300 a month for a 3 bedroom would u move there?”

The tweet quickly went viral on the internet. Many people considered living in a risky city and uploaded memes and GIFs to illustrate what it would entail if it became a reality. While some predicted being robbed in broad daylight, others attempted to predict what would happen if they spotted the Joker terrorizing people on the streets.

Some even imagined what would happen if they happened to run into Batman himself. Check out some of the funniest tweets here:

What’s your take on this? Will you move to Gotham city if the rent is cheaper? Let us know in the comments down below.

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