Kali Linux Alternative: BackBox Linux 4.6 Released With Updated Hacking Tools


BackBox-Linux-6.8Short Bytes: BackBox Linux, a Kali Linux alternative, is here with its latest version i.e. BackBox Linux 4.6. Based on Ubuntu Linux, this hacking operating system is now available for download with updated hacking tools and Ruby 2.2. 

In our previous article related to hacking and pen testing tools, I told you how to install Kali Linux tools on Ubuntu Linux using Katoolin script in simple steps.

While Kali Linux is considered an ideal operating system for ethical hackers, BackBox Linux is another alternative that has caught my attention in recent times.

Recently, Raffaele Forte, the maintainer of BackBox Linux operating system announced the release of the latest version of the Ubuntu-based hacking OS i.e. BackBox Linux 4.6.

This operating system comes with pre-packaged cyber security tools just like Kali Linux but also has some other cool features like the option to anonymize your machine before launching an attack.

Talking about the latest release, BackBox Linux 4.6, it’s powered by the Linux kernel 4.2 series that’s currently being used in Ubuntu 15.10.

The operating system also comes with updated Ruby programming language that means Ruby 2.2 is now enabled by default.

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Updated hacking tools in BackBox Linux 4.6:

The security tools in BackBox Linux are structured into different subgroups like Information Gathering, Exploitation, Social Engineering, Wireless Analysis etc.

In the 4.6 version, these tools have got the update with the notable mention of Metasploit, WPScan, SE Toolkit, DirSearch, wxHexEditor, OpenVAS, Volatility, YARA, BeEF and more.

How to get the BackBox Linux 4.6 update?

If you are running any release from the 4.x branch, you can simply update the operating system with the following set of commands.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get install -f

If you willing to upgrade from the older version, you need to check out their official announcement.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a fresh installation copy, here’s the download link.

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